Top 5 SSCE Jobs in Lekki With Accommodation

jobs in lekki with accommodation

It is normal for SSCE holders to seek employment in a very friendly environment where they could earn a living and prepare for their future. For those that already have family, there is nothing wrong with seeking a place to live and work, but still, finding little time to visit family as arranged with the … Read more

Job Vacancies in Lagos for SSCE Holders


After finishing secondary school, most students send applications to tertiary institutions of their choice. However, a fraction of secondary school leavers prefers to start the hustle before any other thing. If your situation is the latter, you might want to read on.   The truth is that it is not so easy to find a … Read more

How to get Remote Jobs in Nigeria

How to get remote jobs as a Nigerian and work from home

Ever since the worldwide pandemic of 2020, a whole lot of things have changed and people have found better ways to adapt and survive. Aside from the general lockdown where most of us weren’t able to move freely anymore, we were also stopped from going to work. This affected a whole lot of people cut … Read more

Tutorial: How to Find Ushering Jobs in Lagos

Ushering ladies in black uniform

Ushering is one of the most popular jobs in Lagos. They are in very high demand, and new people are recruited every day. Ushers work in stadiums, theaters, symphony halls, and other places that involve people gathering to watch a performance or sporting event. Of course, you will also find ushers in special events like … Read more

Tutorial: How To Become a Lecturer in Nigeria

how to become university lecturer in Nigeria

Learning is quite interesting, but do you know what is more exciting to do? Lecturing is! There is no greater feeling than imparting your knowledge and understanding to other students who are willing to learn and rise to the top also. However, not everyone finds teaching interesting, and for this reason, might not enjoy it. … Read more

How can a Medical Laboratory Scientist become a Medical Doctor in Nigeria

how to become a doctor in nigeria

We have come across several cases whereby students were admitted into university programs different from what they initially applied for. This is a very common practice amongst highly competitive universities and courses in Nigeria. For example, it will take a whole lot of work to get into schools like UNILAG, UI, and OAU, due to … Read more

These are Airport Jobs for SSCE Holders

airport JObs

Contrary to the opinion of many, there are many places you can work as an SSCE holder. Although you might not be able to secure standard and more official jobs like people with higher qualifications, you can still have access to well-paying jobs in different parts of the country. So we’re sharing a list of … Read more