Tutorial: How to Find Ushering Jobs in Lagos

Ushering is one of the most popular jobs in Lagos. They are in very high demand, and new people are recruited every day. Ushers work in stadiums, theaters, symphony halls, and other places that involve people gathering to watch a performance or sporting event.

Of course, you will also find ushers in special events like weddings, birthday parties, burials, and every other occasion that requires the organization of attendees. It is safe to say that ushering is one of the best ways to make money in Lagos, judging by the rate of events in the state.

Lagos state is not only a highly economic state but also a social state in the country. Many parties and events are held in Lagos that will need the help of ushers to function properly. It is the responsibility of ushers to collect tickets from patrons and direct them to their seats.

In addition, ushers tell patrons where to find telephones, restrooms, refreshment stands and how to navigate the event center successfully. Trust me; ushering is one of the best ways to make quick money in Lagos consistently. Also, you will enjoy doing your job.

Requirements to get an Ushering Job in Lagos

Before you can work as an usher in Lagos, there are certain requirements you must meet. The job is not as technical as it seems but requires a bit of qualification. If you don’t possess these qualifications, then you are not eligible to get any ushering job in Lagos.

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You might probably be interested in securing an ushering job after hearing about how the work is done and how ushers are handsomely paid. However, if you do not meet the requirements to apply, you won’t be considered eligible to take up an ushering job.

So what are these requirements you must possess before you can get an ushering job in Lagos? Let’s find out! Firstly, you must be able to communicate fluently in English. You don’t necessarily have to be a grammarian, but you must be able to relate with people basically in the language.

For some applicants, the ability to communicate in Yoruba, which is the second general language in Lagos, will be an added advantage. Yorubas in Lagos states are known to flood events the most, and they are better directed to their seats in the language they understand.

In addition, you must be smart and ready to work. Ushers are not allowed to dull or slack at any time. It is a job that requires your full focus and attention. During your application or interview, your potential employer would be able to tell if you are capable of the job or not.

Another feature that most employers tend to look for in applicants is confidence. Ushering jobs require confidence, and many applications are rejected if the applicants lack confidence. These things are important for securing an usher job, especially in Lagos.

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Ushering Jobs in Lagos

Unfortunately, only a few employers post ushering job vacancies online. Most of them prefer recruiting ushers via referrals. This might be a bit bad, especially if you don’t have any experience in the field and are unable to get someone to refer you. 

Nevertheless, there are a few job vacancies online for ushers in Lagos. Let’s find out about these vacancies and little information about them before you proceed to apply.

Usher at The Royale Ushering Jobs

Job Type: Part Time

Minimum qualification: SSCE

Minimum Requirement: 1 year

Salary: N20,000 to N30,000


Coordinator – Events at Marriott International, Inc.

Job Type: Full Time

Minimum qualification: SSCE

Minimum Requirement: 1 year

Salary: N40,000 to N50,000

How much do Ushers get paid in Lagos?

Ushers are highly paid for events in Lagos, but it all depends on the employer. Some employers pay below average, while some pay higher than average. On average, ushers receive up to N20,000 per event. That is, you can make this amount for every event you coordinate as an usher.

In some cases, some employers pay ushers around N10,000 depending on the event and how they have worked. Some ushers might, however, make up to N30,000 at the same event. Nonetheless, do not be surprised when you come across some ushering jobs with lesser pay.

How do I find local Ushering Jobs in Lagos

As I mentioned earlier, it is faster to find ushering jobs locally in Lagos since most employers do not post their vacancies online. Many of them find jobs via referrals, and I also recommend this way to go about yours too. Let me show you how to go about this easily.

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Firstly, you can find an event around you and meet with the event coordinator. Event coordinators work on contract and also employ ushers to work with them. If you are able to convince the coordinator to employ you, you might be able to work as an usher. 

During your application, the coordinator might ask for some of your information and qualification. Do well to provide them and ensure you are dropping the correct information. 

Conclusion: Finding Ushering Jobs in Lagos

I have received questions from people asking if it is necessary to have an SSCE before getting an ushering job in Lagos. Well, having an SSCE is not necessary, but it is also important. Many employers will ask for your SSCE as a qualification to recruit you.

It is just a minimum qualification, so you can also apply with a higher one. Also, have in mind that you might come across some ushering jobs that will not even require your SSCE. All you will need to do is apply in person. I hope this information is helpful.


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