How to get into Tech with SSCE Result

how to get into tech with ssce result

Perhaps you’ve heard how much a relative in tech earns, or maybe you’ve stumbled on a job page that made it clear what staffs in one or more tech positions are likely to earn and now you’re wondering if your SSCE can get you into the field of Technology or let’s say “Tech” for short! … Read more

How to Prepare Chicken Pepper Soup In 1hr

how to prepare chicken pepper soup

What’s a better time to enjoy a hot bowl of chicken pepper soup than this cold season? The peppers and spices can be great stimulants and can provide warmth in such a short time. It is more like a Spicy, highly delicious broth produced after a good number of special African herbs and spices has … Read more

How To Change Battery in Subaru Key Fob

how to change battery in subaru key fob

Some events are just unavoidable and the little we can do is to cross the bridges effectively when they come. A perfect example of this is your key fob running out of battery power. Back in the day, key fobs weren’t so rampant until Automobile manufacturers like Subaru decided to make their users go keyless, … Read more

Guide: How to Become An Opay Agent In Nigeria

how to become an opay agent

In Nigeria’s digital economy, becoming an Opay agent presents an exciting opportunity to empower your community while earning a sustainable income. This guide outlines the step-by-step process to become an Opay agent in Nigeria, allowing you to tap into the growing mobile money services sector. Understand the Role of an Opay Agent Opay agents act … Read more