Grandeur Events Center – Reviews (Location, Facilities, Price)

Nestled in the heart of Lagos’ administrative capital, Ikeja, The Grandeur Events Center offers the fantasy of the perfect event center. If you are looking for a venue to host your next event without having to worry about incompetence, Grandeur should be your go-to. You’re about to read the most unbiased, uninfluenced review about one of Lagos’ most popular Event Centers! Sit back and ride with us!

Where In Lagos is Grandeur Events Center Located?

Grandeur Events Center is situated at 17 Billings Way, Oregun, Ikeja 101233, Lagos, a strategic location that makes it easily accessible from different parts of Lagos. Your guests will be able to locate the venue quite easily.

Whether you are planning to host a wedding, birthday party, corporate events or even concerts, this event center offers all you need for your perfect occasion. If you are very conversant with event centers in Lagos, you’d know for sure that Grandeur is one of the most prestigious event venues in the state. 

After checking out the Grandeur Events Center, I have come up with a critically unbiased review of this center. Here, you will find information on sitting capacity, and best features of the Grandeur Events Center. 

Best Features at Grandeur Events Center

Thinking of booking the Grandeur Events Center for your next event? If yes, here are some facilities that makes the venue stand out amongst others:

1. 2500 Seating Capacity

In a packed city like Lagos, getting an event center that can conveniently accommodate your guests can be quite challenging. Grandeur boasts a 2500-seating capacity hall, ensuring a grand and memorable experience for everyone.

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2. Prime Location

One of the best factors to consider when choosing an event center is its location. If your guests have to struggle to locate the venue for an occasion, such a venue is not worth it.

Grandeur Events Center is a popular event center in the heart of Ikeja and is easily accessible for various major roads in the city of Lagos. 

3. Elegant Architecture

Another thing you will love Grandeur Events Center for is its stunning architecture that exudes luxury and sophistication, thereby creating a memorable ambiance for any event. It is a Marquee tent with glass and fabric architecture, whose view will keep your guests wowed throughout the occasion. 

4. Onsite Security

Also, Grandeur offers onsite security officials for clients to help guarantee and enforce safety and security during your event. The security personnel includes 2 fully-kitted bouncers who ensure everything goes on smoothly without hiccups.

However, you may bring extra security to the venue if you wish.

5. Premium Catering Services

Grandeur Events Center also offers one of the most exceptional catering services in the whole of Lagos. The service offers diverse menus and exceptional culinary experiences to suit the different taste buds and dietary preferences of your guests.

Kindly note that the catering services at Grandeur are also optional as you can hire one for yourself.

6. Ample Parking

Grandeur offers ample parking space that can conveniently accommodate as many as 500 cars. Also, the parking area is manned by trained guards who will ensure everything goes well in this section. Kindly note that the parking service at Grandeur is compulsory and costs are included with the costs of the hall.

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Other facilities at Grandeur Events Center include:

  • Multimedia facilities
  • Standby generator
  • Souvenir storage facilities
  • Large dedicated serving areas for caterers
  • A lounge
  • Synthetic grass entrance
  • Floor-to-ceiling glass walls

Hotels near The Grandeur Events Center

What’s better than a convenient night’s rest after a long successful event? Your guests will definitely need a place to stay at the end of the party, especially if it ends at dark.

Since Grandeur does not provide accommodation with its halls, it is only right that you make enquiry on the nearest hotels to Grandeur Events Center for your guests. Well, I have done this work for you and come up with a list of the hotels within a 5-minute driving distance of the Grandeur Events Center. They include:

  • Jeromes Gardens and Suites

Jerome’s Gardens and Suites is a top-rated hotel located at 29 Oroleye Crescent, off Abel Oreniyi, Salvation Road, Opebi, Lagos, Nigeria. Jerome’s Garden And Suites is a 10-minute drive from the Grandeur Events Center and a 5-minute drive to Shoprite.

  • Swiss Cottage Suites

Swiss Cottage Suites is a fancy hotel located at 18 Sunday Adigun Street, Alausa, Lagos, Nigeria. This hotel is a classy hotel, only a 2-minute walk from Ikeja City Mall and the Lagos State Government Secretariat. It is also in proximity to the Grandeur Events Center, and the New Afrikan Shrine. Free Wi-Fi and parking space are available.

  • Martinos Hotels and Event Center

Martinos Hotel and Event Center is prominent to offer quality services and facilities, comfortable accommodations and an event center. It is strategically located in a prime area of the Central Business District (CBD) at Plot 1, Otunba Jobi-Fele Way, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Lagos Airport Hotel

The Lagos Airport Hotel is located at 111 Obafemi Awolowo way, Ikeja, Allen Avenue, Lagos. This 3-Star hotel is close to the Murtala Mohammed International Airport and hence is an ideal accommodation for persons leaving or entering Lagos through the Airport.

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How Much does it Cost to Rent Grandeur Even Center?

With as low as N1,750,000, you can book the multipurpose hall at Grandeur Events Center for your next event

Wrapping Up

From the facilities and amenities at The Grandeur Events Center, you might be expecting the cost to be over the roof, but that is not the case. With as low as N1,750,000, you can book the multipurpose hall at Grandeur Events Center for your next event.

If you prefer an outdoor setting for your event, you can also make use of the vast space at the venue. Also, due to the minimal décor in the hall, it may require additional décor, depending on your preference and the kind of event you are hosting. 

The venue offers two different multipurpose halls which of course vary in size and pricing. As expected, getting the smaller hall is cheaper but it may not be the right fit for large events like wedding parties where you may want to host thousands of guests.

All in all, The Grandeur Events Center is a great place to host any kind of party without even having to break the bank.

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