How to get Remote Jobs in Nigeria

Ever since the worldwide pandemic of 2020, a whole lot of things have changed and people have found better ways to adapt and survive. Aside from the general lockdown where most of us weren’t able to move freely anymore, we were also stopped from going to work. This affected a whole lot of people cut across different sectors of the country.

Teachers, for example, had no workplace to go to since their schools were on lockdown. At that time, I know of several people who were laid off from their jobs as there was no way to bring in revenue anymore. Some employers laid off some employees to reduce the salary being paid out as there was also limited revenue coming in.

If there was a lesson everyone learned from the lockdown period, it was that they needed to get remote jobs. As you are also reading this, I believe you have come here with the hope of finding a place where you can work remotely and wouldn’t have to go to a physical office every day or even go at all. If that’s what brings you here, kindly keep reading.

Working remotely has so many advantages, aside from allowing you to stay away from a physical work office. With a remote job, you can work with as many employers as possible, and make as much as you want. However, you should not make the work too clumsy for yourself. 

This article will teach you how to get remote jobs in Nigeria. Well, let’s not take it in a rush; there’s more to remote jobs than you might know, so let’s check them out first. Firstly, I will show you what you need to know about remote jobs and how you can easily secure them in Nigeria.

What are Remote Jobs?

Remote jobs are the practices of employees doing their jobs from a location other than a central office operated by the employer. For many employers, there is usually a meeting location where all workers and employees will be required to show up at specified days and times of the week. For example, schools, banks, etc all require the physical appearance of workers.

With a remote job, this is no longer necessary. There are remote job scenarios whereby an employee will never meet their employer in person throughout the contract period. Working remotely is also known as working from home because you can report to your workplace and do your job from the comfort of your home or anywhere.

If you wish, you as a remote worker could set up a small workspace in your home or rent out an office to do your work. Your employer wouldn’t ask to come to see how you have set up your office as you will be fully responsible for that. Your only role is to complete tasks assigned to you at the right time and submit them to designated authorities. 


Benefits of Working Remotely

Just as I mentioned earlier, there are several advantages attached to working remotely or working from home. I’m quite sure you are also here to see how to get remote jobs in Nigeria because of these benefits. Well, just in case you don’t already know what these advantages are, I will make them known to you here, each after the other, and explain in detail.

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First, you have the freedom to work for as many employers as possible. I mentioned this earlier in this article and will elucidate on it now. Usually, working at a central location dictated by an employer means every work will be dictated by them. Of course, it isn’t possible to work for someone else while at the physical office of your employer.

However, that is only possible after closing hours and also when you are working remotely. You can get employed in three to four organizations and finish the assigned tasks at different periods. Although you should be careful with the number of people you work with/for so the workload does not get too much.

Secondly, working remotely allows you to dictate your opening/closing hours. Although some employers dictate when you should resume and close remotely, there are many others where there isn’t a specified time. However, there is usually a timeframe for the completion and submission of tasks. Do well to meet up with this.

Also, you don’t need to spend on transportation. Since you are working remotely, there is absolutely no need for leaving your home and going to any workplace. Except your remote job is only partly virtual and partly physical, you might have to leave home sometimes and of course, spend on transportation.

Furthermore, working remotely is usually based on a contract. Although this might also show up as a disadvantage since you will be working for a fixed period, it is still an advantage. Contract jobs let you know how long you will work and help you even plan ahead of time. Most physical jobs are not based on time contracts – workers can be laid off at any point in time.


Best Skills to secure Remote Jobs

I fully understand you are here to know how to get remote jobs in Nigeria. However, knowing the best skills you must possess before you can get a remote job is quite important. In case you are applying for a virtual job soon, these skills will be of great importance as this is what employers look out for.

You must be digitally literate

This is the first and most important skill you must possess before you can be able to get a remote job in Nigeria. Working remotely means you will be on the computer system all the time and you need to know your way around it. Actually, you don’t need to be a tech guru to become a virtual employee. Just enough knowledge to complete and submit tasks is enough.

You must have good communication skills 

Communication is very important since you will have to make and submit reports on your progress. At times, you might just be asked to write and submit these reports without further interrogation. However, some employers will schedule meetings with you and how you speak and communicate will matter a lot.

Communication skills are looked out for especially during interviews for these virtual jobs. If your communication skill is considered great, you will have a greater chance of getting employed. On the other hand, if your communication skills are below average, then your chances of getting employed will be very low.

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You must be able to work as a Team

There are several remote jobs whereby you will be introduced to other employees, and probably attend virtual meetings together, and there are others where there will be no team. The teams are usually common among large firms managing a lot of employees. In most cases, these virtual employees report to a designated manager.

Of course, there might be several managers handling several team employees. You must possess that team spirit to be able to keep your job and make progress. However, if there is no team, you just have to keep doing your thing and working towards the goal of your employer.

You must be diligent

Yes, I saved the best for the last. Diligence is important to get and maintain a remote job anywhere in the world. By being diligent, you have to pick up projects and finish them at the right time. It takes a whole lot of discipline to do this since there is no physical attention from your employer, therefore only diligent employees will be retained.


Top Paying Remote Jobs

It is one thing to get a remote job and it is another to land a top-paying one. Let’s have a look at the top-paying remote jobs that you can apply for and get in no time.


Remote Web Developer

Tech is one of the fastest-growing sectors and many people are now getting into it. Web developers are in very high demand and most of these job offers are virtual. This makes it very easy to land jobs like this. However, you must have the necessary skills to be able to work as a remote web developer. 

As a remote web developer in Nigeria, you can make as much as 70 million naira every year and even more as you garner more experience. As a web developer, you will get projects to develop mobile applications and websites and get your cut. The best way to progress as a web developer is through referrals. Let your work do the talking.


Remote Web Designer

Just like web developers, web designers are also in high demand today and you can easily get these jobs virtually. As a web designer in Nigeria, you can also make up to 70 million naira per year and scale the figure up as your experience increases. It is best to have both web design and web development skills and complement as they perfectly complement each other.


Remote Project Manager

How about taking up a project and looking after it till its completion? You will find several virtual project management gigs and the benefit of this is that you get to be retained for a long period. You can make as much as 100 million naira yearly working as a project manager in Nigeria. Your roles are to manage teams, complete bigger projects and oversee higher budgets.


Remote Content Writer and SEO Marketing Manager

If you are able to land a great content writing gig, you can be on your way to earning as much as 50 million naira every year. Your job as a remote content writer is just to provide content for projects assigned to you. Prolific writers may even make up to 70 million naira yearly. Such a yield with minimal effort.

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SEO Marketing Management on the other hand will require some marketing experience to succeed in it. However, the pay is quite enticing and would make anyone want to learn how to go about it. As an SEO Marketing Manager, you can make up to 80 million naira per year by simply marketing products and services.

Remote Virtual Assistant

Landing virtual assistant jobs might be a little hard but when you get the right one, you are on your way to being a millionaire. As a virtual assistant in Nigeria working on the right project, you can make as much as 60 million naira yearly and even scale it up as you garner more experience.

Best Places to find Remote Jobs

Now that you know the best and top-paying remote jobs in Nigeria, it will be great to know how to find these jobs. Here, I will show you the best places to find remote jobs in Nigeria. Trust me, millions of Nigerians get jobs on these platforms.

These are the best places where you can find remote jobs even while you are in Nigeria. All you have to do is get registered, provide the necessary information and search for available job positions. When you find a vacancy that matches your qualification, you can go ahead to apply.

How to withdraw salary from Remote Jobs

Finding a job remotely is one thing while getting money for the service rendered is another. Although there are different remote job platforms above, withdrawal is usually the same for each of them. However, it might differ based on the withdrawal options.

Some of these platforms like Upwork and Fiverr will pay directly into your Nigerian bank account while others like The Muse will pay into a PayPal account. If this is the case, all you have to do is create a PayPal account and use it for your withdrawal. Your money will be transferred from the platform into the PayPal account you have utilized.


Final Thoughts on How to get Remote Jobs in Nigeria

From this article, it is safe to say that it is very easy to land a remote job in Nigeria; even without experience. Although there are employers who look out for experience, there are some who don’t give a thing about that. Once you are sure you are qualified to take up the job, do it and deliver as at when due.

Once you are able to impress and satisfy your first client, making progress will not be difficult. You can ask your client to drop a review so potential clients would be able to check and see if you have experience with the task. So what are you waiting for? Since you already know how to get remote jobs in Nigeria, it’s time for you to get started with them.

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