Top 5 SSCE Jobs in Lekki With Accommodation

It is normal for SSCE holders to seek employment in a very friendly environment where they could earn a living and prepare for their future. For those that already have family, there is nothing wrong with seeking a place to live and work, but still, finding little time to visit family as arranged with the employer. So we’re going to list a few jobs an SSCE Holder can find in Lekki, Lagos, jobs with accommodation or housing benefits!

In Nigeria, SSCE is your qualification after obtaining a Senior School Certificate. SSCE is an acronym for Senior school certificate Examinations and is issued after sitting examinations like:

The West African Examination Council (WAEC)

National Examination Council (NECO)

SSCE Holders are candidates who obtained at least 5 or more credits from any of the examining bodies listed above!

Having cleared the air on who an SSCE Holder is, let’s take a look at the various jobs In Lekki that offers Accommodation for SSCE Employees.

List of SSCE Jobs in Lekki with Accommodation

In this section, we’re going to highlight a few jobs in Lekki with compulsory accommodation for SSCE holders. These jobs are in most cases requiring employees to live within the environment where they are employed. But in some cases, it might involve high-profile agencies or individuals in society.

Please bear in mind that there might be other requirements for employees to be considered suitable for such jobs other than their SSCE Credentials.

Some of these employers might need you to be experienced in the role you’re applying for, others might need soft skills and would only consider you suitable when they see you display such qualities

Let’s find these jobs and understand what it feels like to have them.


If you’re an SSCE Holder and desire to have a job with accommodation in Lekki, then one of the top jobs you might opt for would be the role of a driver. Drivers are often employed by companies, agencies, top politicians, businessmen, etc.

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In this case, we’re assuming that you’re getting employed as a domestic driver whose job would be carrying the boss and members of his family around the city.

Suitable candidates for Lekki driving jobs are drivers with valid driver’s licenses, at least 2 or more years of experience, well mannered, well-behaved fellows (Usually males).

For this kind of job, you’re given a room, and in some cases, you’re fed once or twice daily as you’re required to always be ready when needed.

Normally, you might have one or 2 days off within the week. Salary is often encouraging with a lot of other add-ons so long as you’re loyal, dependable, and honest to your boss and his family!

In some cases, you might be tasked with moving goods and services from one place to the other, and in such a case, your employer (company) might make arrangements for your accommodation (maybe not within his or her home).


Cooks or chefs is another SSCE Job in Lekki with accommodation. It in most cases requires you to have some experience or training in food handling and food hygiene. Cooks are often employed by Eateries, Hotels, big catering organizations in Lekki, event planners, etc.

As an employee, you might be required to live with your employer (If you’re employed as a domestic cook). In most cases, employers might have staff quarters where every employee is required to live.

A few qualities often looked out for in cooks might include the ability to learn very fast, patience, respect for your job, and respect for food safety standards. Your ability to make quality and tasty meals, and healthy meals is also highly important as no one is ready to employ a cook that does not understand what he or she is employed for!

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Nannies are employed to take care of kids. Nannies are in most cases employed by influential figures in Lekki, schools, etc. In some cases, nannies are required to have some experience on how to handle and care for babies.

As a nanny your job is to ensure that a child or children assign to your care are well-fed, prepared early for their school, and cleaned. You are also charged with the safety of the children under your care especially while their parents are not around. You can search for Nanny jobs on JoblistNigeria platform

Sales Representatives

Sales reps are required to have basic arithmetic skills. Not like there are no calculators or cash machines with the ability to perform that mathematical tasks for you. But you just have to be good at basic math.

In some cases, it is important to have some training in Customer Service and management. You’re mostly required to live on your own, but some companies in Lekki would provide accommodation for their staff and that is where you’ll live for as long as your contract is valid. So if you are interested in Sales, here is a great platform to begin your search

House Helps

Perhaps the most important or the most recruited domestic staff in Lekki. House helpers are required to have a close presence in the homes of their boss and are in most cases also offered accommodation in the homes of their employer. House help is one of the SSCE jobs in Lekki with accommodation that you can look out for if you’re a woman with a passion to care for others.

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Please do not accept such offers if you’re not ready to do what is required of you, and do not offer yourself if you have some ulterior motives towards your boss and his or her household.

Remember, your current situation today might change if you are positive and honest towards those that find you worthy enough to bring you closer to their circle.

This is the last but not the least of SSCE Jobs in Lekki with accommodation. Remember that these jobs might not be listed on popular job boards as employers often require trusted people and depend on word of mouth to hire their next candidate.

Conclusion: SSCE Jobs In Lekki With Accommodation

If you’re an SSCE Holder searching for a jobs in Lekki with accommodation, we’ve provided you with a list of 5 jobs that offers housing benefits for you. We know there are other good jobs for SSCE Holders out there, but we made this list based on jobs that are ready to offer you a place to put your head after working. So when you search for jobs for SSCE holders, have these at the back of your mind and remember you can also save some money and enroll for evening or weekend school in Lagos after which you can obtain a higher qualification and advance further.

Remember, whoever finds you good enough to accommodate and pay you in the current Nigeria must have a lot of love for you, so do well to return such love with quality love and honesty! See you at the top!



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