Best Supermarket Jobs in Port Harcourt

supermarket Worker, a lady

Are you interested in working at a supermarket in Port Harcourt? If yes, you should carefully read this article on the best supermarket jobs in Port Harcourt. The city is known as home to some of the biggest supermarkets in the country, just like Lagos, Abuja, and many other cities. Since there are so many … Read more

How to Travel from Benin to Lagos by Bus

Benin to Lagos by road

With the current security situation in Nigeria, everybody is interested in how to navigate to other parts of the country safely, without losing life and property, and for today, we’re giving attention to Nigerians that would love to travel from Benin to Lagos by road. It is expected that after reading through this page, you’re … Read more

Where is Turkish Airline Office In Lagos?

where is turkish airways office in lagos?

Turkish Airlines is one of the reputable airlines globally. It operates both domestic and international flights. Turkish Airlines is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, and has offices in different countries around the world. There is also a Turkish Airline office in Nigeria, which is currently located in Lagos. Turkish Airline is the National Flag Carrier of … Read more

Best Nightclubs in Abuja

night clubs in abuja

Have you ever experienced the nightlife in Abuja? If not, then you are missing out on a lot. The city has hundreds of Nightclubs where people can have fun till daybreak. Abuja is also an urban city like Lagos, so you should expect to see varieties of Nightclubs. Instead of going on long vacations that … Read more