These are Airport Jobs for SSCE Holders

Contrary to the opinion of many, there are many places you can work as an SSCE holder. Although you might not be able to secure standard and more official jobs like people with higher qualifications, you can still have access to well-paying jobs in different parts of the country. So we’re sharing a list of Airport Jobs for SSCE Holders today!

As an SSCE holder, you can work in small and big institutions across Nigeria and make a decent living for yourself. However, it might be difficult to secure a high-paying job with such low qualifications. All the same, you can find these jobs and sustain yourself with what you earn.

With a Secondary School Certificate (SSCE), you can work at offices, schools, airports, and many other places. All you have to do is find which company is currently recruiting employees and forward your application if the minimum qualification is SSCE/O Level.

One of the best places you can work with your SSCE qualification is airports. There are so many job positions at airports for you to take up with your Secondary School Certificate. If you are interested in the top jobs for SSCE holders, then this article is for you.


Best Airport Jobs for SSCE Holders

If you possess only a Senior Secondary Certificate as a qualification, there are job positions you can take up at airports, even at those around you. These jobs are not so technical, and your qualifications fit well for the roles and responsibilities that come with the job.

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Airport Driver

This is the most common job position in an airport. Airport drivers are recruited in airports almost every time, but it is not so easy to get in. Your job as an airport driver would be to transport people to and fro airports. However, it might also involve you transporting them within a particular airport.

With an airport bus or airport shuttle bus, you can drive passengers from the departure hall to where they would board the plane. Although in some countries, people use jet bridges to get to their planes from the departure hall, airport buses are still a thing in many others, like Nigeria.

To work as an airport driver, all you need is a minimum of an O’Level result and a driver’s license. If your license is expired, you will have to renew it before you proceed to apply. Applicants who are also fluent in English have increased chances of getting employed.


Airport Attendant

An airport can not function properly without airport attendants. This is a very important job position in an airport, and people get recruited almost every day. The minimum qualification to work as an airport attendant is a Secondary School Certificate. What are your roles?

The roles and responsibilities of airport attendants are very simple. Your job is to help people navigate the airport, especially when it is their first time. Just like you have ushers at events, you have attendants at airports. You also have to make yourself available for questions and directions.

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Airport Baggage Handler

Of course, baggage from airplanes is automatically transported to the airport and vice versa. However, this process involves human intervention to minimize errors. Errors cannot be completely erased in this process; therefore, they can only be reduced.

Your job as a baggage handler is to monitor the movement of baggage and ensure they are always on the right track. People misplace their luggage at airports, and some don’t even get theirs on the same planes with them; these are errors caused by improper baggage handling.

To work as an airport baggage handler, fluency in English is a requirement, and you must be able to communicate well in the general language. Of course, you will be asked to provide your qualification, with the minimum being a Secondary School Certificate. 


Airport Cleaner

Although many people see cleaning as a very low job, it comes with a very handsome pay at airports. You can make as much as fifty thousand nairas working as cleaners at airports in Nigeria. Of course, the minimum qualification is a Secondary School Certificate.

Your job as an airport cleaner or janitor is to ensure that every part of the airport remains clean at all times. Since there will be many cleaners, they are assigned to different areas of the airport and sometimes work on shifts. Some might work in the main areas while others take up the toilets and so on.

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Airport Security

No organization works perfectly without security personnel. There must be someone or a group of persons designated to ensure the safety and security of everyone at an airport. However, you must meet other requirements aside from having a Secondary School Certificate before you can be employed to work in the security department.

Most security personnel are well-built and trained on the different systems used to ensure security of the airport. Aside from those at the gate, they are spread around the airport since it is such a big place. In addition, there is a room set aside at every airport to also see to this purpose.


Conclusion: Top 5 Airport Jobs for SSCE Holders

Working at airports comes with so many benefits. Of course, you will get handsomely paid at the end of every month, but there are still additional benefits. Most of these jobs work as shifts; hence you don’t have to be on duty every time since there is someone else to take your place. This as you know affords you the opportunity to advance your education, obtain a higher qualification even without telling your fellow staffs.

In addition, you can request airport leaves if you wish and get them without a reduction of your salary. As I mentioned earlier, the jobs mentioned above have only one general requirement – a Secondary School Certificate. Apply and wait for feedback.

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  1. I am a trained security officer with at least 10 years experience on the job, good looking, with high integrity level.

    • What you can do at this point is keep a tab on some good security companies within and draft a good Resume with which you could approach some high profile companies around just in case they need something better!

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