How To Change Battery in Subaru Key Fob

Some events are just unavoidable and the little we can do is to cross the bridges effectively when they come. A perfect example of this is your key fob running out of battery power. Back in the day, key fobs weren’t so rampant until Automobile manufacturers like Subaru decided to make their users go keyless, as they would go cashless with a debit card.

However, these keyless automobile devices came with batteries that would stop powering the system whenever they are used up. Contrary to the opinion of many, using your key fob battery up does not render the entire device useless; changing the battery alone is a great step forward. So how can you do this easily?

Changing the battery of your Subaru Key Fob is easier than you can imagine. I’ve seen people get worried about this and get surprised the whole procedure wasn’t so much to worry about. In this article, I will show you how you can replace the battery of your Subaru Key Fob and some precautions you should take during the process.

Steps to Replace the Battery in a Subaru Key Fob

Before you go ahead to replace the battery of your Subaru Key Fob, you should pay attention to these steps so the replacement can be as seamless as possible. Many people make the mistake of breaking the remotes while attempting to replace the key fob battery which shouldn’t be so. Let’s see how you can go about it without causing any damage.

Remove the Physical key from the Key Fob

For most Subaru Key Fob models, the physical key is usually attached to the fob, therefore they must be separated first before any other thing. Just on the back of the key fob, locate a small button you can push to release the physical key from the device. I will advise you to get a fitting screwdriver for this process. Check out the clip from Subaru Ambassador Robert Below

Gently open the Key Fob

At times, the key fob can be very delicate and therefore require extreme care. As I mentioned earlier, you should get a fitting screwdriver for this procedure. After taking off the physical key, use the screwdriver to separate the two ends of the key fob. It might be tempting to use the physical key for this, but I do not recommend it.

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Also, you might want to be extra careful while opening the key fob as many people break the device while doing this. I recommend you use the screwdriver on different ends so the pressure is spread across the device. Upon doing this, it should be much easier to open the Subaru Key Fob.

Take out the Chip

For many Subaru Key Fob models, the batteries are usually attached to the chip parts, making them easier to remove. Once you open the key fob, you’d immediately have access to the chip part, which you can take out upon sight. The chip isn’t attached to any other part of the fob, so this is much easier to take out.


While you’re in the key fob, you might want to take some time to clean out any dirt or dust in it. This isn’t such a hard task as you can get a small towel or a ball of cotton wool to help finish the job. There is no need to apply water or any other moisturizer while cleaning your key fob. After cleaning the inner part, you can proceed to the next step.


Remove the Battery

Removing the battery in your Subaru Key Fob is probably the trickiest step in this procedure. The alarm button of your device is just directly under the battery and pry it even with the slightest touch will set your car alarm off, especially if it is nearby. Therefore, it is advised you exercise extreme precaution when going about this.

However, if you feel it is impossible to take out the battery without prying on the alarm button, I recommend you move far away from your car before you continue the process. This way, your car alarm does not go off even if you touch or press the alarm key while removing the battery of your Subaru Key Fob. 

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To remove the battery, place your screwdriver just underneath the battery towards the end of the key fob. Here, you will find two tiny tabs holding the battery down, but will let go when the required pressure comes in. Please do not tamper with the other two larger tabs doing most of the work so you don’t break them.

Replace the Battery

Once the battery is out, you can replace it with the exact specification. Check the body of the battery to see what is required by the manufacturer to make your key fob work effectively. After getting a battery that suits the specifications, go ahead to do the replacement. 

To do this, you should simply replace the battery the same way you have removed the old one. After replacing the battery, you can gently push the alarm button to see if the connections have been made properly. If so, the alarm would go blaring for a while. If not, then something is wrong somewhere. 

Return the Chip

To return the chip to the key fob, make sure that the battery end of the component goes toward the button that releases the key. While removing the chip in the first place, you might have noticed this is exactly how the settings were made. Do this carefully and go on to the next step. 

Close the Key Fob

Ensure the chip is sitting properly on the key fob before you go ahead to close it. To know it is seated properly, there would be a balance on both ends of the chip. If this is the case, get the other side of the key fob and attach it to the main compartment where you initially removed it from. Do this carefully, so you don’t break the plastic.

Return the Physical Key

All connections are in the right place, you can go ahead to return the physical key which was removed at the beginning of this procedure. Without the physical key attached to the key fob, it wouldn’t do any work. This shows how important the physical key is in your connection.

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Checkout Ben Cad‘s Video Guide on How this is done for more Details or quickly hit the Video below!


Frequently Asked Questions

Lets see some questions you might have with regards to changing your key fob battery. And please feel free to submit us a message if you find any challenge other than discussed here!

What battery goes in a Subaru Key Fob?


I’ve received questions from so many people asking about the exact type of battery that goes into a Subaru Key Fob. The truth is, even if these batteries do the same work, manufacturers recommend only a particular type for use in key fobs. To avoid any complications, it is advised that you also use the batteries recommended. 


For a Subaru Key Fob, the recommended battery is the CR2032 3V Lithium Battery. I do not recommend using any other battery aside from the one mentioned above.


How long does a Subaru Key Fob Battery last?


Truth be told, batteries in Subaru Key Fobs last pretty long. For example, they could last between three and four years, especially when they come with the key fobs directly from the manufacturer. All things being equal, it might take an average of three years before your Subaru Key Fob is used up.


Wrapping Up


You might be wondering how you are going to know when your key Fob battery is dying. Thankfully, there are many ways to go about this. The first sign is that there will be a reduced signal strength in your key fob. Once you begin to notice this, you are advised to make attempts for battery replacement immediately. 


Another way to find out is from your car dashboard. While the fob itself is exhibiting signs of low battery, you will see a message pop up on your car dashboard from time to time, saying “Access Key Battery Low“. Please do not hesitate to change your battery when you begin to notice all these.

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