How to get into Tech with SSCE Result

Perhaps you’ve heard how much a relative in tech earns, or maybe you’ve stumbled on a job page that made it clear what staffs in one or more tech positions are likely to earn and now you’re wondering if your SSCE can get you into the field of Technology or let’s say “Tech” for short! We’re going to talk about how to get into Tech with SSCE result and I hope the few paragraphs below can help you see the other side of things.

Is certainly possible but first, let’s understand what Tech really means cos I’m sure a lot of youngsters like yourself don’t have a good understanding of what’s involved.

Simplest Definition of Tech

Tech is a short for technology, is like the wizardry of our modern world. It’s the combination of knowledge, tools, and inventions that make our lives easier, more fun, and more connected. Think of it as the magic behind your smartphone, video games, social media, and the internet.

It’s the reason you can chat with people on the other side of the planet, binge-watch your favorite shows, or even control your lights with your voice. Tech is all about using science and creativity to create cool stuff that changes the way we live and interact with the world.

Popular things you know that are Products of Technology

Lets get a list of few things that exists around us today, things that would never exist hadn’t it been for technology.
1. iPhone 15
2. Facebook
3. Television set
4. Electricity
5. Cars
6. Sound systems, etc

Now that you’ve received a better understanding of Tech, let’s see where you fit in as an SSCE holder interested in finding a spot for yourself in the field of Technology.

How to get into Tech with SSCE Result.

Being a holder of such qualifications, it’s expected that you understand how to read and write which means you have the ability to comprehend written passages, instructions and directives. It also means you can understand some basic scientific principles and identify some elements of science when you see one.

So, Let’s see some basic aspect of science you can pitch in with your SSCE result.

It is possible to get into Tech even with an SSCE Result and there are several areas of technology you can fit in. But you’ll need to undergo pupilage so as to have a basic understanding of the principles, processes.

To get into Tech, consider

1 learning how to Write computer codes

This might involve you learning how to write computer programs with codes and the easiest to start with would be the HTML & CSS. A good understanding of HTML and the CSS can help you build simple web pages for businesses and earn money.

Python is a very easy to learn programming language that a lot of Industries are adopting today. And so if you can learn how to write fully functional programs with this language, you’ve successfully put yourself on the path of becoming one of the many tech minds in Nigeria and you’re going with with your SSCE.

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2. How to use computer software in a highly productive way.

Let’s assume you couldn’t learn HTML and CSS, python and other programming languages. Do you know there are existing software that can bring you into tech if you understand how to use them effectively, how to use them to solve problems for business and industries.

Some easy examples would be stuffs like Power Bi and Tableau, Microsoft Excel, Revit Auto CAD, DJ Software, etc and other software used in sound production, graphics design, video editing, etc.

Shocking fact: Do you know that in Nigeria today, most DJs earn so well, they’re classified as one of the highest paid professionals in Nigeria? Do you also know that on the average, a highly skilled DJ Could make over NGN150,000 weekly?

Remember, there are people who has built a fortune by just knowing how to use these software and currently earning more than their peers who has no such knowledge.

3. How to use Machines

A good knowledge on how to use Machines, especially Industrial Machines are the other way to get Into technology with an SSCE result. Believe me, there are so many machines that are used in the field of technology today.

But the problem is there are less people available to use these machines for Industries.
Knowing how to use these machines including construction machines, manufacturing and Transportation machines is also a technical skill that can earn you a lot of money in the future.

Remember, we also have people whose Aspect of tech requires them to repair machineries and get them in working conditions again. People like mechanics and repair men. They’re also people in Technology and most times, these people got into what they do with just an SSCE Result!

How to Build a Tech Skill Online with SSCE

Since you’re interested in taking a journey with your current SSCE qualification, I am glad to point to the fact that you’re quite a lucky fellow. This is because there exists myriads of online based platforms where you could build the necessary skills to compete in the Tech Industry even beyond Nigeria.

These online platforms includes but not limited to Coursera, Edx, Udemy, Many of these are free, others would charge very little amounts to teach you all you’ll need to excel in Tech as an SSCE Holder!

Top Tech Careers to Build with SSCE

There are a god number of tech careers you could build with an O’level result in Nigeria and most times, you might not even need to leave the comfort of your home. Little wonder my sweet Crush, Nicole Enesse, David Bombal in their various Cybersecurity guides have always made it known that one does not really need a degree to build a solid career in most of the high paying Cyber security jobs of today!

So if you’re interested, prepare to build a Tech career around areas such as:

Software development: Remember in paragraphs above where we mention the ability to write computer programs? that ability or skill is what will help you use these special languages and tools to create computer software or programs!

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This is one aspect of Tech you can excel in even with your O.level result and guess what? The ability to write computer software or programs is one that is very lucrative, it pays very well as businesses are willing to sponsor you just to keep solving their problems with your special skill

Data science: In earlier paragraphs, computer software like Tableau, Power BI were mentioned, now data science involves the use of these computer software to collate and process numbers or data in order to produce a much meaningful information in form of charts, graphs, tables for businesses.

These charts are highly needed for decision making and people with such skills are often rewarded handsomely for the job they do!

Cybersecurity: In order to understand Cybersecurity, I’d suggest you imagine a school or room mate sneaking into your smartphone to look at things you saved, things that are secrete to you without your permission or consent.

Now Cybersecurity is a powerful shield that would ensure no one has such access into your smartphone.

Cybersecurity is that aspect of tech that keeps the internet safe, in some cases, it also ensures no unwanted person gets into a sensitive business infrastructure and tools like firewalls, anti-virus software, passwords are used. Now lets see the last one digital marketing which is also another tech skill you could build with an SSCE result.

Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is just like working at Shoprite or City mall where you’re to ensure customers gets what they’re looking for. but this time, you do this with the use of a smartphone, computer and no one even has to see you at the market place since you’re not going to any. You do this kind of marketing using websites or blogs, Social media, emails, search engines!

Digital marketing is simply promoting products and services using your skills and the tools mentioned above as a leverage!

It helps you meet and connect with a lot of people and there is a lot of money to be made too as many online businesses are willing to pay you handsomely to bring more sales to them!

There are other tech skills you can master. These are listed below

  • Programming (Python, Java, JavaScript, etc.)
  • Web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.)
  • Mobile app development (Android, iOS)
  • Cloud computing
  • User experience design (UX)
  • User interface design (UI)
  • Digital marketing
  • Product management

Networking and Portfolios Are important

The next important thing that would help you build a solid tech career with an SSCE result is to build a good portfolio and network very well. Networking is one thing that would place you on a high pedestal, bring you closer to big decision makers as well as a very good, high paying job.

Another thing is being able to build a nice portfolio for yourself as these are things that’ll convince potential employers that you have the needed experience and skills to execute jobs assigned to you effectively!

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Remember Nigeria is a country where a lot of graduates currently exist without jobs, not even Remote Job but your portfolio and ability to network is one thing that will place you higher than everyone you’ll meet along the way!

Challenges you Might face while Building a Tech Career with SSCE Result

Because you’re still young, having no income aside your personal allowance, it might be hard getting some of these tools, having enough internet connection to help you learn these things online.

But do not give up. It is entirely possible.

At Udemy, there are some free courses you could use, Coursera also has the Financial Aid program where they allow applicants study their desired courses without paying a dime. And sometimes, there are free courses at Coursera aimed at empowering young minds like you!

So you see? do not allow finances be your constraint cos you can do it even without having so much money

How Lucrative is Tech in Nigeria?

Now that you’ve learnt the various fields of tech you could try as a fresh high school graduate, i am sure you’d be interested to know how lucrative a tech skill could be in Nigeria!

Well, according to a recent survey by Nexford University, there are 3 highest paying tech jobs in Nigeria at the moment

Web Developer receives over 260,000 as monthly salary including other allowances

Data Scientist receives over 350,000 as a monthly salary

Software Engineer receives over 410,000 as monthly salary!

These are higher than the average annual salary In Nigeria which is 1,800,000!

From the above, it is normal to say Tech skills are in high demand in Nigeria and what’s more? You might be lucky to get a foreign job where a Software Engineer walks home with more than 8 million Naira monthly!

Remember Nigeria is a country with rapidly growing tech startups, it is a land where a lot of established countries are heavily investing in Tech and it all points to one thing “Tech is more than just lucrative in Nigeria” It will take you to that life you dream of!

Closing Remarks

Having drawn you a painting of what it is like in the Tech world and made it clear you can do all with your SSCE result, i hope you can now see your potentials in the tech world is limitless? Hope you know your desire to want to know more is just all you needed

One thing to understand is that tech isn’t about gadgets and complicated codes. to excel in tech, you must be highly creative and able to solve real world problems.

There are experiences of people who started just like you and today, that have built a fortune out of their desires and how did they do it? They never allowed challenges like finance, etc stop them!

They kept pushing through thick and thin. You too can!



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