Best Supermarket Jobs in Port Harcourt

Are you interested in working at a supermarket in Port Harcourt? If yes, you should carefully read this article on the best supermarket jobs in Port Harcourt. The city is known as home to some of the biggest supermarkets in the country, just like Lagos, Abuja, and many other cities.

Since there are so many supermarket establishments in the capital city of Rivers state, you might as well find a lot of job vacancies in them. However, to get these jobs, you need to possess some qualifications, and I will also show you what these qualifications are in this article.

Before we see the best supermarket jobs in Port Harcourt, let’s find out the things you should look for before applying for any supermarket job in the city. This will help you make the best choices that will highly benefit you and keep you encouraged to work.


Things to look for before Applying for a Supermarket Job in Port Harcourt City


Generally speaking, Port Harcourt is a very crowded city, just like Lagos. Due to this, there are a lot of economic activities going on from time to time. This is also the reason behind the many supermarket establishments in the city. Therefore, you must consider a few things before applying for any job here. 

Firstly, distance to the place you reside is very important. It is not advisable to take any job that is too far from the place you live. This is not only bad for you, but also bad for your finances, since you will be spending a huge portion of your salary on transport alone.

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Look around for supermarkets around you and check if there are any vacancies. If you find vacancies and you also meet the requirements and qualifications, you can go ahead to apply. However, you should also consider the paycheck before applying.

You can’t work for a whole month and get paid something that can sustain you and your family. Usually, your employer would call you to discuss your salary before you will be officially recruited. Once again, you have to meet the laid-down requirements before you will be employed to work. 

Therefore, to avoid wasting your time, I recommend that you see the requirements first before proceeding to apply for any supermarket job in Port Harcourt. Those are the three basic things you should consider before applying for a job in any supermarket. 


Top Supermarket Jobs in Port Harcourt

If you are interested in working at any supermarket in Port Harcourt, this is for you. It might take a while before you find that perfect job for yourself. Therefore, I will show you some vacancies you are probably not aware of, so you can apply. Information like job roles, qualifications, and how to apply would also be included.

Retail Clerk at Hoones Global

Your job as a retail clerk at Hoones Global is simple and as technical as it sounds. It is the responsibility of a retail clerk to ensure that customers have a satisfactory shopping experience at the supermarket and also make sure they check out properly after making their purchases. 

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Also, it is the responsibility of a retail clerk to tend to the shopping needs of customers. This also includes answering any questions that the customers might have to ask about the products. In addition, you will work directly with customers and help them find items quickly and process their purchases as soon as possible.

Job Type: Full Time

Minimum Qualification: ND, HND, B.Sc.

Minimum Experience: Two years

If you are interested, simply send your CV and details to the management: [email protected]


Retail Manager at Cen Global Services Limited

As a retail manager at Cen Global Services Limited, it is your job to develop and review the audit system and audit plan the company currently uses. You must ensure financial compliance at all levels and prevent discrepancies in finance. You will also have to be conducting detailed and regular audits in your designated location.

Job Type: Full Time

Minimum Qualification: ACA, ACCA, CFA

Minimum Experience: 5 years experience in the same or similar role

Sales Executive at NACK Apparel Limited

Your role as a sales executive is basically to sell fashion products in the store and online. Although you will be employed to take charge of the offline store, you will also attend to the online orders from time to time. In addition, you have to achieve sales targets that are given to you by your team supervisor.

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These targets usually have timeframes, and it is important that you reach them within the specified timeframe. It is also your role to manage after-sales customer relationships so that they can patronize the store some other time. Furthermore, a sales executive has to manage physical inventory, merchandising, and other retail activities. 

Job Type: Full Time

Minimum Qualification: ND/HND/B.Sc

Minimum Experience: No experience is needed

Territory Sales Manager at PZ Cussons

The role of a territory sales manager at PZ Cussons is quite technical, and you might need to pay solid attention here. Firstly, you must achieve business objectives for the particular territory ( Sell-out, Focus Brands, NPD listing, POP deployment, promotions, etc.)

Also, it is your job to implement an outlet coverage strategy in the territory you have been assigned to while keeping an updated database of relevant outlets. Another function of a sales manager here is to achieve sales drivers, which include quality, distribution, visibility, and price/promotion.

Job Type: Full Time

Minimum Qualification: First Degree in any Discipline

Minimum Experience: One year of experience


Conclusion: Best Supermarket Jobs in Port Harcourt

There are many job vacancies at supermarkets that you can explore. For the technical roles, you might need to have higher qualifications like ND, HND, or a university degree. However, if you have lower qualifications like SSCE, there are still a few job positions at supermarkets that you can check out 

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