World’s Most Advanced Libraries and Their Locations

Libraries are very much important to man and our continued existence. Of course, there are so many important details hidden in books that we can only have access to when we come across them. It is a very pleasurable experience to read books in modern libraries with the latest technology. 

With the advancement of technology and the introduction of online resources like Wikipedia, the need for libraries might be on a diminishing level. However, these buildings are so much more than just reading books and connecting with authors. Libraries also provide opportunities to appreciate the art and technology infused in them.

All over the world, there are thousands of libraries with widely varied niches and scopes, and of course, fascinating atmospheres. Imagine what it would feel like to read a piece by your favorite author at one of the most beautiful and advanced libraries around the world. That must be priceless!

In this article, I will show you a comprehensive list of the most advanced libraries in the world and where they are located. There might be one or two very close to you, who knows? If you are a big fan of these works of art, then you will find this piece quite insightful and interesting. Without wasting much time, let’s get to know them.

8 Most Modern Libraries Around the World

In this section we’re making a list of the most modern and advanced libraries around the globe as well as highlighting a few things that makes them awesome enough to be on the list. So if your aim is to find and locate these libraries, the list below is just for you.

Philological Library, Free University of Berlin, Germany

Popularly known as “The Berlin Brain”, the Philological Library, Berlin could be one of the best places to read publications and books across various niches. The library with its smooth and rounded structure, mimics the contours of a human skull, hence its popular name “The Berlin Brain”. There’s more to this work of architecture. 

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The Philological Library was built in 2005 by a well-known architect known as Norman Foster. Norman built the library to suit the ambiance of someone reading a book directly under a tree shade with fading sunlight. This description is exactly how the library looks. Asides from that, little light has also aimed toward energy saving. So when next you’re asking, tell the world that Philological library is one of the Most Advanced Libraries around the globe.


Peckham Library, London, UK

Unlike the Philological Library, Peckham Library was built earlier, in 2000, and is where Britain’s library revival began. Before that time, libraries were the littlest of Britain’s worries, amidst other concerns, especially the huge social problems. All these continued until 2000 when Will Alsop decided to give Peckham a new identity with this library.

Peckham Library is one of the world’s most astonishing libraries and even won the coveted Stirling Prize for Architecture in its first year of operation. Also, almost a million people walked through the library’s doors in this same first year. Many visitors related the interior of Peckham Library to that of a random nightclub.


National Library, Riga, Latvia

The National Library of Latvia is one of the oldest libraries in the world. It was founded in 1919, a year after the country won its independence. Unfortunately, the country lost its national status in 1940 but also regained it in 1990. After regaining its independence, Latvia started building a new library for her people.

The modern library was completed in 2014 and designed by Gunnar Birkerts, a renowned architect in the country. After the building was opened, Latvians carried books from the old building to the new one as a powerful symbol of renewal. Today, we can’t mention the top 10 libraries in the world, without speaking of the National Library, Latvia. 


Brandenburg University of Technology Library, Cottbus, Germany

Yet another golden piece in Germany, Brandenburg University of Technology is another visually-pleasing library you should visit. The structure was built in 2004 by Swiss ‘starchitects’ Herzog & De Meuron. Remember the biblical Tower of Babel? The Brandenburg University of Technology Library is a modern-day duplicate. 

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In addition, the library is adorned with letters from a wide variety of languages which work well at improving its aesthetics. However, you shouldn’t be too quick to judge the library from its exterior, as that may be so natural. You will only find its intriguing portion on its inside; which is why you should be here. 


Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt

Unknowingly, Julius Caesar burnt down the ancient library of Alexandria, which was one of the most ruinous and persisting bonfires that ever happened. He only wanted to burn the ships in the adjacent harbor but ended up instigating the disaster that made almost a million books go up in smoke. This was the end of the ancient library of Alexandria. 

Fortunately, Alexandria now has a new library, which is competing with the best and most beautiful structures around the world. The new library was built in 2002 by Snøhetta, an architect from Norway. It has a finer exterior, compared to the Brandenburg University of Technology Library, with an aesthetically-pleasing interior.

Inside Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt, you will find extensive Arabic and French libraries, up to 15 permanent exhibitions, and an interactive “cultural” that guides you through five millennia of Egyptian history. Statistics have shown that this great structure in Egypt now attracts up to 2 million visitors every year.


Sir Duncan Rice Library, University of Aberdeen, UK

Opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 2012, Sir Duncan Rice Library is proof that high-rise buildings are quite delightful to see. Unlike the tradition of many Scottish cities with ancient Tower blocks, this modern library is a dive away from the norms. It is sometimes likened to a lighthouse, linking the city to the sea, while also acting as a major landmark.

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The Sir Duncan Rice Library won a Royal Institute of British Architects National Award in 2013, speaking more about its intriguing sight. The interior of this beautiful work of art is something everyone should see. It gives the real definition of what a library should look like and how it should be structured. 


Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, Dubai

And now, our journey for the Most Advanced Libraries in the globe has thrown us into the emirates of Dubai. Known as one of the top attractions around the world, this new modern library in Dubai is a place for everyone to be. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library opened in June 2022 after its plans were announced in 2016 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE.

most advanced libraries in the world

The library is built in the shape of an open book sitting on top of a traditional wooden bookrest, with an architectural design incomparable to any other in the territory. Not the largest, but the 54,000 sq m Mohammed Bin Rashid Library can comfortably host up to a thousand visitors at a time. That’s quite a lot.


Library of Birmingham, UK

Even after a massive library at the city center with over a million yearly visitors, Birmingham still decided to build a brand new library. At first, almost everyone disagreed with the idea since there was a library already, but sooner, they all came up with similar thoughts. The old library of Birmingham was brought down in 2013 to make way for this mightier structure. 

The new library of Birmingham is a 10-storey structure built by Dutch architect Mecanoo and is one of the most popular landmarks in the city today. This work of art is currently valued at a £189 million price tag and offers scenic views across the whole city. Asides from its rich books, the Library of Birmingham is a must-see. 


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