5 Best Spa in Ikeja And Their Prices

Ikeja is a prevalent part of Lagos State. It is the capital and administrative city of the state. Ikeja serves many purposes and is used for residential and commercial purposes. This article is focused on helping you find the best spa in Ikeja Lagos. So pay attention as we make the list easy for you to navigate through.

Many businesses have their head offices in Ikeja, and many Government workers and citizens have their homes. It is such a busy place. After the daily hustle and bustle of the city, it would be best if you make out time to get a good spa treatment.

spa centers in ikeja lagos state
Chairs for spa outlet

You might have concluded that you don’t need a spa session since you have no issues with your body; this could be wrong, especially if you don’t conduct regular checkups.

Stress has its way of telling on your body when your body cannot handle it any longer. It could be some irregularities on your face or body or issues with your whole body.

I will recommend that you visit a spa at least once a month if you are the type who is involved in so much daily work. Spa sessions will help relieve your body of stress and make you feel new again.

If you reside in Ikeja, you will want to know the spas around you. Of course, there are so many spas around, but for the article, I will reveal the 5 Best Spa in Ikeja. If you need help finding their location, I’ll definitely cover that too!

Bnatural – THE SPA GROUP

Address: 11 Oduduwa Way, Ikeja GRA 101233, Ikeja

Trust me when I say the exterior and interior of Bnatural Medspa are an incredible sight to behold. The design alone could be therapeutic to some extent. It has a very welcoming staff ready to give you a unique and luxurious experience.

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Bnatural Medspa offers Beauty treatments and massage sessions that aid in harmonizing your mind, soul, and body; What more could you ask of a Spa therapist? There are also other therapeutic packages for skincare, relaxation, and longevity.

There is still more to that. After your session, you can head straight on to the outdoor pool to further relax or on to the fitness center to get on with your body goals.

Rejuvenee Spa And Wellness Center

Address: 55 Isaac John St, Ikeja GRA 101233, Lagos

If there is an experience you are most likely to remember after a session at Rejuvenee Spa and Wellness Center, then it will be the steam bath. Guests who have enjoyed this service still praise it as it has allowed enough air into the sweat pores.

Guests have also praised the customer reception and service at Rejuvenee Spa and Wellness. I am confident that whatever issue you face will be handled well while prioritizing your interest before theirs.

In addition, you can book an appointment over the phone or simply visit the company’s website. I prefer booking over the phone as it is a bit faster. However, services and massage packages can be a bit pricey, especially if it is your first time at the facility. You might enjoy discounts when you visit the second time.

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Ninna Bella Spa

Address: No, 4 Seidu Ajibowu St, Allen 300001, Ikeja

Get to step away from your regular busy schedule and enjoy peace, relaxation, and serenity in the lovely environment of Ninna Bella Spa. If you are looking for affordable spa sessions with an overdose of luxury, I recommend Ninna Bella Spa.

The environment is peaceful and beautiful and can help you develop the healthy lifestyle you have always dreamed of. I can assure you that you enjoy the therapists’ services the most. The massage therapists are so professional and skilled at what they do.

Ninna Bella Spa offers so many services, but the one that I most admire is the Deep Tissue Session. It is exciting while relaxing your bones, muscles, and mind.

Biyou Wellness Spa

Address: Justice Coker Estate, Off Cipm Ave, Alausa 100212, Ikeja

Biyou Wellness Spa is a female-only spa that offers a natural alternative approach to skincare, health, and weight loss using the finest organic recipe for the process. It is rated as one of the best spas in Ikeja. The spa offers various services, including;

  • Body Waxing
  • Body Exfoliation
  • Facials/Peels
  • Body Scrub
  • Body Massage
  • Faradic
  • G5 Massage
  • HERBAL steam
  • Nutritional Service
  • Radio Frequency
  • Ultrasound Cavitation
  • Vacuum RF suction
  • Weight loss service

Biyou Wellness Spa is most famous for its weight loss packages. It has a range of slimming devices and analyzes the best slimming protocol to suit your desired shape.

It is also well known for its body massage packages. Clients can choose between Swedish, deep tissue & Shiatsu massage aides by aromatherapy oils. Together, they will help relieve tensions and stress and help you relax. You can also choose how long you want your session to last.

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Gifted Hands Massage

Address: 19 Ogundana street, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja Ikeja, 101212, Lagos

As the name implies, the massage therapists behind this have gifted hands to make your body feel new and replenished again. Gifted Hands Spa offers a wide variety of services to guests, including whole-body massage, manicures, pedicures, etc. This is one of the best spa you’ll find in Ikeja!

All body massages and special massages are handled by exceptional therapists who have a Thai origin in the craft. Get on board and enjoy those soothing and relaxing moments, one that you can not forget easily. The staff at this spa are one of for best in town.

You can also book a massage session in your home. Yes, you don’t need to visit the spa anytime you need a session. Simply call them via telephone or place a booking for home service on the website.

Conclusion: Best Spa in Ikeja

If you reside in Ikeja, you should have no excuse for not visiting a spa around you today. The list above has revealed the 5 best spa in Ikeja, brief descriptions and reviews, and simple tips on how you can locate them.

So what are you waiting for? Get on board and get back in shape in no time. Of course, you should be ready to spend a bit.

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