Top 10 Short Time Hotels in Ojota And Their Prices

Not everyone has the financial capacity to pay the ridiculous amounts hotels charge nowadays. Of course, they charge for the kind of services they deliver, but most times, these prices are way too much and unaffordable for many people in Nigeria.

Usually, 3-star hotels in Nigeria charge an average of N20,000 for guests to book a room at the facility overnight, but the truth is that only a few people can meet up with these prices. Unfortunately, the hotels are not able to bring down these prices for the sake of the business but have developed a model to favor both the customers and the management.

Recently in Nigeria, Hotels began to run “Short time services”. This is quite different from the overnight lodging at hotels. For short time services, guests can pay a certain amount to get a room for a particular period. It could be for an hour, 2 hours and so on.

With this, both the customers and the hotels have mutually benefit. Usually, even these hotels do not have most of their rooms occupied at night, and this affects their daily revenue so badly. Renting out rooms for short time services will help boost sales and also give guests enough satisfaction for their money.

Hotels that offer these kinds of services are known as Short Time Hotels. They are popular in many parts of Lagos including Ketu, Ojota, Surulere, Palmgroove, etc. For this article, I will focus on the Top 10 Short-Time Hotels in Ojota, Lagos.

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You might have been wanting to know about the short time hotels at Ojota for a long time, which is why this has been compiled for you. The list will also include the prices charged per hour and the unique amenities at the hotels.

Maxton Suites

Address: 50b Ajose St, Mende 105102, Lagos

Price per Night: N12,000

Short Time Price: N2,000

Each room at Maxton Suites is equipped with air conditioning and cable TV to ensure you enjoy your stay at the facility. It is just a 15-minute drive from the Kalakuta Museum and a 6-minute drive from Murtala Muhammed International Airport. The hotel offers a restaurant, and a bar but does not offer a pool. Free breakfast is available but not for short time guests.

Lounge 14A

Address: Arowojobe Estate, 14A Sobo Siffre Rd, Mende 105102, Lagos

Price per Night: N8,000

Short Time Price: N1,500

This 2-star hotel is located in a residential area of Ojota away from the bustling town. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning and also have kitchenettes. Guests have access to free parking, WiFi, bar, and room service. It is just a 19-minute drive from Ndubuisi Kanu Park.

100% Hotel & Suites

Address: 12 Samuel Awoniyi Street by Church Street, off Salvation Rd, Opebi, Ikeja

Price per Night: N10,500

Short Time Price: N2,000

100% Hotel and Suites is also a 2-star hotel popularly known around Ojota for offering mouthwatering short-time services. The cost of rooms for a short time can go as low as N2,000. Guests also have access to free WiFi and air conditioning in hotel rooms. There is no swimming pool facility at the hotel.

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DC Bar and Suites

Address: H9WR+FPV, Ketu 105102, Lagos

Price per Night: N18,500

Shirt Time Price: N3,000

Guests have praised the beauty of rooms at DC Bar and Suites. It gives you a taste of pleasure and luxury. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning and standing fans. There is also an outdoor pool in the hotel where guests can have fun. Rooms at DC Bar and Suites for short time costs N3,000.

F4 Apartment

Address: Apartment, 8, Oremeta street, oregun, Allen 100122, Ikeja

Price per Night: N12,000

Short Time Price: N2,000

F4 gives you more room access than regular hotels in the area. Here, you can spend a longer time with your partner for such a small price. All rooms at the F4 Apartment come with air conditioning, Flat-screen TVs, chairs, and kitchenettes.

Presken Hotel

Address: H9Q7+XQM, Opebi 101233, Lagos

Price per Night: N17,100

Short Time Price: N3,000

At Presken Hotel, which is a 13-minute drive from Kalakuta Museum, WiFi is available for short time guests but is not free. Short-time guests do not have access to morning breakfasts since they won’t be staying overnight. Rooms come with kitchenettes and air-conditioning. However, there are no pools at Presken Hotel.

Chatwell Hotel

Price per Night: N10,000

Short Time Price: N2,000

Offering free WiFi, and free parking, this 2-star hotel is among the favorites of many at Ojota. It is one of the top 10 Short Time Hotels in Ojota. Other amenities include a bar, a restaurant, and air-conditioned rooms. The hotel does not have a swimming pool.

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Spanish Hotel

Address: 4 Obajimi Cl, Ikosi Ketu 105102, Lagos

Price per Night: N17,000

Short Time Price: N3,000

The short time price of Spanish Hotel is quite on the high side that other hotels on this list. This is because the 3-star hotel offers more services and amenities. Short-time guests usually have access to room service, front desk, bar, and restaurant.

Goddis Apartments

Address: Salvation Bus Stop, 5 Henry Adefowope Crescent, End of Ajanaku Street, House Estate, Opebi, Ikeja

Price per Night: N12,000

Short Time Price: N2,500

Rooms at Goddis Apartments have kitchenettes, air conditioning, personal bathrooms and toilets, and flat-screen TVs. It is one of the Top 10 Short time hotels in Ojota. In addition, the hotel offers free parking and is just a 13-minute driving distance from Ndubuisi Kanu Park.

Bein Inn and Suites

Address: 26 Emmanuel Street Ojota, Ojota 100242, Lagos

Price per Night: N18,000

Short Time Price: N4,000

Compared to others on this list, Beij Inn and Suites offers the most services and amenities. All rooms are equipped with kitchenettes, refrigerators, and air conditioning. Some rooms also have microwaves in them and give guests access to free WiFi. Free parking is also available for short time guests that come with their vehicles.

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