Prices of Sewing Machines in Nigeria

No beating around the bush as we have in a recent post talked about the need for a side hustle such as fashion design. This is regardless of the course you may have studied in the university since we know what the labor market has to offer as far as Nigeria is concerned. Having said these, we would like to talk about prices of sewing machines in Nigeria today.

Do not forget there is another article where we discussed the price of butterfly sewing machines in Nigeria as well as several factors to consider before choosing a sewing machine!

What is a Sewing Machine?

As you may already know, a sewing machine is a fashion design equipment used to stitch pieces of fabrics together while using threads, buttons and zips to perfect the job.
I know you are aware but do you know that this equipment also comes in different capacity, features and sizes? D you also know that the features, size and capacity depends on the brand of sewing machine you decide to take home?

Because we offer nothing but the truth, because we ae here with nothing but a very informative content to help you in your search for a better equipment to advance your career, we must not fail to make you understand that because finance is a major aspect in choosing the best tools you need, makers of these tools also make different sewing machines to serve the same purpose but on a varying principles. You can see these below!

Types Of Sewing Machine
There are virtually 4 categories of sewing machines in Nigerian Market as of today. We will discuss these different machines in other sections

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Computerized sewing machines
Electric sewing machine
Hand Sewing Machine
Embroidery Sewing Machine

Computerized sewing machines work by instructions issued by the computer system attached to them. While hand sewing machines allow operators carryout his or her tasks without depending on electricity, the electric sewing machine totally depends on the electric impulse sent by an electric motor attached to it.

“Embroidery sewing machines on the other hand are machines that creates stitches through a special mechanism involving a top thread and a bobbin thread, the bobbin thread is attached to the bottom of the fabric being stitched and by this mechanism, a stitch is made” – Marshablog

Having given brief description of different categories of sewing machine in Nigerian market, let us look at the prices of these sewing machines in Nigeria.

What are the prices of sewing machine in Nigeria?
As we pointed out while creating content for butterfly sewing machines, you must remember that all sewing machines perform the same function. The only difference is that some perform these functions with the aid of accessories which might not be present in other sewing machines.

Considering the Computerized sewing machine for example. the awesome thing is that everything is done by commanding the machine. I think this is a machine you would love to have some day isn’t it?

Prices Of Domestic Sewing Machines

Domestic Sewing Machine                                          Price Prediction
QQ Mini Motor Only                                                       6500 – 7000
Twolion Multifunctional Sewing Machine 8590 41500 – 46,000
Twolion /Sumo Premium Domestic Sewing Machine JA2-1 (2 Drawer) with electric motor 56000 – 61500
twolion/sumo premium domestic Sewing Machine JA2-1 (2 Drawer) 49,500 – 52000
Twolion /Sumo Premium Domestic Sewing Machine JA2-1 (3 Drawer) with electric motor 58500 – 64500
Twolion /Sumo Premium Domestic Sewing Machine JA2-1 (3 Drawer) 53500 – 59000
Butterfly Multifunctional Sewing Machine MidJh8190s 46000 – 51000
Butterfly domestic Sewing Machine model JA2-1 (2 Drawer) with electric motor 57500 – 62500
Butterfly domestic Sewing Machine model JA2-1 (2 Drawer) 53200 -58500
Butterfly domestic Sewing Machine model JA2-1 (3 Drawer) with electric motor 61000 – 66500
Butterfly domestic Sewing Machine model JA2-1 (3 Drawer) 56000 – 61000

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Prices of Industrial Sewing Machines

Industrial Sewing Machines                                                     Price Prediction
Twolion Industrial Shirt Buttonholing Machine Mode; TL781 51000 – 552000
Emel Industrial Overlocking Machine Model EM 737/747/757 147000 -162000
Hudong Direct Drive Industrial Overlocking Machine Model HD 737D/747D/757D 133000 – 154000
Xiantypical Direct Drive Overlocking Machine Model 737D/747D/757D 135000 – 156000
Twolion direct drive industrial straight sewing model TL 8700D 132000 – 146000
Hudong Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine Model HD0303 163000 – 175000
Hudong Industrial Overlocking Machine Model HD737/747/757 132000 – 147000
Twolion Industrial overlocking Machine Model TL 737/747/757 127000 – 150000
Twolion Industrial Coverstitch/Taping Machine Model TL 500-2 212000 – 223000
Emel Industrial Straight Sewing Machine Model EM8500 126000 – 135000
Protex TY3300 Heavy Duty Leather Sewing Machine 155000 – 162000
Twolion Industrial Button Attaching Machine odel TL373 200000 – 212000
Hudong Industrial Straight Sewing Machine Model HD8500/8700 126000 – 135000
Twolion Industrial Straight Sewing Machine Model TL8500/8700 122000 – 127000

Things to Know when Choosing a Sewing Machine

As a young fashion designer, one of the most tedious works you’ll encounter today is heading straight to the Nigerian market in order to shop for a sewing machine.
We are only going to give a few hints to help you choose the right machine that would serve your needs.

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1. Manufacturers

Fastgidi is really not ready to recommend one brand or manufacturer over the other. This is because all manufacturers are able to make sewing machines to meet the needs of every end user.

2. Prioritize Price and Capability.

No matter the brand of sewing machine you buy, ensure there is a high correlation between the money spent and the capability of the machine bought.

Final Thought On Prices of Sewing Machine In Nigeria
As far as you’re a tailor or fashion designer, choosing a sewing machine and being able to afford its is one of the many challengers you are going to have to deal with but the moment you are able to pick the right sewing machine, you’ll find a new life!

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