Prices of Panasonic Stand Fan in Nigeria

As a bona-fide citizen of my country Nigeria, I can categorically tell you that most times, we often overlook the most prestigious things because they do not get a lot of social media attention like the less prestigious items. It is because of this single reason that Nigerians (Except a microscopic few) pay more attention to brands like OX, ORL, Prestige, Century, Etc thereby ignoring an Alpha brand like Panasonic when it comes to stand fans and other related electronics needed in the home. We will be looking at Prices of Panasonic stand Fan In Nigeria today and we believe after reading through this piece of information, you would make a better choice!

In order not to give a one-sided judgment, I must not fail to mention that Panasonic stand fans are often more expensive than those made by other manufacturers. This is even more reason why brands that could afford the hype get a lot of attention in our electronics market.

Well, we shall be looking at the prices of Panasonic stand fan in Nigeria, and this time, we are focusing on the most popular Panasonic fans in the market at the moment.

Why Should Nigerians Consider Panasonic Stand Fan?

Quite simple! Panasonic is a household name known for its quality, durable products. The brand is known for manufacturing stand fans that are easy to operate and this makes them the best in the country.
Panasonic stand fans are also built with amazing features that are often lacking in other brands.

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It is important to understand, however, that Panasonic stand fans comes in different sizes, functionality, etc and for this reason, the money spent in buying model X might not be enough to buy Model y as both may be built to meet different needs of users.

Prices of Panasonic Stand Fan In Nigeria

As mentioned earlier, it would be a terrible thing to make a list of stand fan manufacturers in Nigeria without placing Panasonic on the list. This is because the name Panasonic has planted itself in the hearts of every Nigerian that has come in contact with their product.

Let us not forget that Panasonic stand fan are easy to operate, durable and the most amazing thing is that buyers could get these products by ordering online, distribution channels (Dealer shops, Retail shops) as well as directly from the manufacturers.

Let us look at the prices of Panasonic stand fans in Nigeria today
Panasonic 407-w Costs 38000 – 43000
Panasonic 407-x Costs 56000 – 67500
Panasonic 407-y Costs 29500 – 45000
Panasonic 18 inch Rectangular Stand fan Costs 39000 – 46500

Please remember that there may be variations in price following the recent fx rates.

Remarkable things about Panasonic Stand Fan

Panasonic is a brand with its products known for durability, its Fans are Durable as well

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panasonic stand fan
panasonic stand fan

Durability is one of the important factors that make a product stand as the best in the market. Panasonic as a brand is known for manufacturing products with a long lifespan

Easy To Use
Panasonic stand fans are easy to operate. This means Panasonic stand fan owners need no extra tutorials to be able to use what they bought with their money.

Value Equates Expenses

I am not writing to promote the brand, but one thing I can assure you is I have over 8 ceiling fans in my house and these have been in use for the last 6 years without a single repair. This I am sure means whatever was spent procuring these fans back in the days is worth it and I can say this for whichever grade of Panasonic fan you purchase today!

Final Thoughts on Prices of Panasonic Stand Fan In Nigeria

Listen, there is nothing out there to make you not love Panasonic products. This is because if the product you buy spoils just a few months after purchase, your money is wasted but Panasonic stand fan grows with you. So to me, I feel Prices fixed for every grade of Panasonic stand fans are worth it

Please refer to Panasonic website for more Information

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