Price of Cocoa In Nigeria 2022

Are you a producer? An industrialist or one of those people whose main source of income comes from selling those sweet and tasty cocoa products is often hard to resist and would love to know what it costs to procure the very material upon which your entire production depends? Well, if you want to know the price of cocoa in Nigeria, feel free cos on this page, we have made it free and what’s more?

We have made it easy for you to know where to know the price of cocoa in Nigeria as well as where to buy cocoa at a very cheaper rate within Nigeria.

What is Cocoa?

Just to give a brief description, cocoa or cocoa bean is a dry and fully cemented seed of a plant called Theobroma cacao. Obtained from cacao are 2 major raw materials; Cocoa Solids which comprise a mixture of Nonfat substances and Cocoa Butter which is the fat also extracted from cocoa.

Cocoa is one of the most important agricultural products ever produced in Nigeria. Aside from Cotton, peanuts, cowpea and rice, Cocoa is most admired for its export values.

Legend has it that Cocoa is the major exportation of the western people of Nigeria but that was before the discovery of Crude in Oloiri back in 1952.

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After discovering Crude, realizing how lucrative the crude oil business is, a lot of farmers deviated from massive production of Cocoa which meant other countries had to build up the pace and gradually took the record from Nigeria.

Current Price of Cocoa In Nigeria

As a cost researcher, I must say there is no single price tag for cocoa in Nigeria. This is because cocoa as agricultural produce is produced in different states of the federation, especially around western states such as Ondo, Edo, Osun and Cross River states.

On average, the price of a tonne of cocoa in Nigeria ranges from 730,000 – to 762,000 and this depends on the state where the supply is coming from.

It is also very important to mention that Cocoa is cheaper in states with a higher supply like Ondo and Cross River States

Price of Cocoa In Nigeria Based on Location

1000kg of cocoa costs 738,000 – 760,000 in Idanre, Ondo state

1000kg of cocoa costs 722,000 – 751,500 in Ore, Ondo state

1000kg of cocoa costs 698,000 – 701,000 in Ikom, Rivers state

In Akoko Edo, Edo state, 1000kg of cocoa costs 721,000 – 742,000

in Ife Central, Osun State, 1000kg of cocoa costs 731,000 – 752,000

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While we have seen the average price of cocoa in Nigeria, someone may want to ask! Why is cocoa so expensive?

Well, to explain that, let us see some of the products that are made from cocoa. Maybe this will help us appreciate it a little more

Why is cocoa so Expensive?

Cocoa is one of the most expensive agricultural produce in Nigeria and there are a lot of reasons for this.

Many of these reasons include its roles in the Beverage and Medical industries! Let’s consider a few products made from cocoa

1. Beverages

Do you know there are different beverage products whose production depends largely on cocoa? In Nigeria, beverages like Bounvita, Choco Pops, Cadbury beverage drinks, etc are all in existence because cocoa is there to serve as a raw material. There are also other foreign products like Hot Choco drink, ice-creams, etc.

2. Cocoa Powder

As cocoa bean dries, it is fermented and roasted and then ground into a very fine powder. This powder is used in the pastry industries to make pastry stuff like Chocolate cake, and desserts.

3. Cocoa Liquor

By liquor, I know you expect us to mention some alcoholic drinks but this is not the case here. By cocoa liquor,Ā fastgidiĀ is referring to a kind of solid unsweetened baking chocolate powder that is industrially employed as a base for chocolatey products.

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4. Cocoa Based Moisturizers

Do you know the cosmetic industry also employs cake for the production of beauty products? These are gotten from cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter is best described as a luxuriously thick butter with a distinct smell. This product is best known as White chocolate

5. Animal Feed

It might shock you to know that our farm animals also enjoy cocoa flakes. Cocoa flakes are made by slicing cocoa husks into flakes and drying these. These flakes are minced, dried and served for the enjoyment of our farm animals

They enjoy this a lot

6 Medical Benefits

There are medical reasons why the price of cocoa in Nigeria is so high, this is because Cocoa according to recent research, helps fight heart diseases as well as improves blood vessels functions

Another medical research also eating dark chocolate or other products from cocoa for some people the time ( say 3 – 9 weeks) helps lower blood pressure

One more thing, Cocoa curbs Chronic Fatigue syndrome as well as helps reduce anxiety and depression.


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