List of Most Popular Beaches In Lagos State, Nigeria

Most of my Christmas and birthday celebrations were celebrated in Lagos state and one place that often comes to mind would be a “Beach”. Being on a beach with my family and friends is a great way to bond and share beautiful memories. 

Because Lagos is a city of beautiful beaches, it is, therefore, possible to visit beaches located in different parts of the city. Beaches are located in Badagry, Island, Epe, etc. 

Meanwhile, each moment I visited these beaches, I always observed the turn up in these locations, especially during the Christmas season. I discovered that some of these beaches are crowded by people from different parts of the world while others were mainly populated by people that reside close to the beaches.

Speaking from my observation and the report I gathered from other beach goers in Lagos State. I have selected the 5 most popular beaches in Lagos State for you today.

But before moving fully to that, you should understand some things about the beaches.


What is Beach?

A beach is described as a form of land with water bodies. These water bodies contain some fine sands, rocks, gravels, pebbles, molluscs shells and others which are sometimes deposited round the beautiful shores.

A unique feature of beaches is that they can be aggressive yet beautiful at the same time because of the waves they produce. The cool environment and the feeling of nature are enough reasons you should see a beach today.

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Beaches have long been a tourist attraction for most people in different parts of the world. You should know that Nigeria is a country blessed with water bodies.

Therefore, finding beaches in Nigeria especially in Lagos should not be surprising. But have you ever wondered why beaches are so important? If yes, then check them out below!


Why are Beaches So Important?

No doubt that beaches have this tourist effect on you whereby you can go there to have a good time alone or with your loved ones.

Anyway, there is other importance of beaches that are not limited to tourism. Let’s see them now.

● It is a good place to ease depression and worries – The sea breeze and waves have been proven to have a relaxing effect on you.

● Swimming on the beach can be a good form of exercise that helps improve your overall muscle strength.

● You can visit the beach to get some fresh air – The fresh air that comes from the beaches are so natural.

● The beach can be a good source of salt and minerals.

● You can have a nice fishing adventure at the beach.

● You can go there with your loved ones to have a memorable evening.

● You are most likely to have a better night rest after spending the day at the beach.


List of the Popular Beaches in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos Nigeria is no doubt one of the states with a lot of water bodies in Nigeria. Almost all remote villages in Lagos can always trace a beach close to them.

Meanwhile, not all these beaches are known to people. This is because some major beaches have been branded and made names for themselves.

Like I said earlier, I visited quite a several beaches in Lagos State as well as my colleagues too. So below is the compiled list of the most popular beaches in Lagos State.

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Elegushi Royal Beach

This beach has been the number 1 choice for many. We have seen celebrities and important personalities come to have a good time at Elegushi Beach. It is known to accommodate about 40,000 visitors weekly. 

Location – Elegushi Royal Beach is located at Road 3, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki – Epe ExpressWay, Lagos. It is not very far from the Eleko Beach.

Entrance Fee – The Elegushi Royal Beach Entrance fee is just N1,000


Eleko Beach

Amazingly, the places that are close to Lagos Island and the Epe Division of Lagos have got the most popular beaches in Lagos State. This due to the presence of water bodies surrounding these environments.

Eleko Beach is another very popular beach where artists do go for video shoots and have some good time. By the way, it is not restricted to celebrities alone, anybody can visit the Eleko Beach to have some interesting moments with their loved ones.

Location – Eleko Beach is located at 56km Lekki Epe ExpressWay, Lekki Peninsula, Lagos. It is about 30 miles away from Lagos Island East.

Entrance Fee – The Eleko Beach Entrance Fee is as low as N500 per person.


Atican Beach

The Atican is a favourite for many beachgoers in the state. It is a super cool and clean beach. 

It can be your best place for a romantic date where you will find some barbeque and swimming pool. This beach made it to our list of the most popular beaches in Lagos State today.

Location – Atican Beach is located along Abraham Adesanya Estate Road, Eti – Osa, Lekki, Lagos.

Entrance Fee – On a normal day you are to pay N500 per head but during festive seasons, you pay N1000 per head.

Oniru Beach

Some people might beat me if I didn’t include the Oniru Beach on this list today. 

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Anyway, just like the Elegushi Beach, this beach is a hub for important personalities in the country. Therefore, if you have visited this beach already, you are a VIP. 

It has become the favourite for many a long time now and also one of the most popular beaches. It is managed by the Oniru Royal Family. 

Location – The Oniru Beach is located at Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. It is not very far from the Eko Hotel and Suites in Victoria Island.

Entrance Fee – The entrance fee for Oniru Beach is just N1,000.


Tarkwa Bay Beach

The Tarkwa Bay Beach also made it to our list of the most popular beaches in Lagos, Nigeria.

If you haven’t been there, then you must be missing a lot. This beach is one of the best places in Lagos to carry out some fun activities like volleyball, football and other fun-filled activities.

One interesting thing about the beach is that you are allowed to come along with your foods and drinks from home.

Location – Tarkwa Bay Beach is located in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Entrance Fee – Tarkwa Bay Beach entrance fee is the cheapest on our list. With just N300 you can gain entrance to this beach.


Conclusion – Popular Beaches in Lagos State

There are a lot of beaches in Lagos State but we have carefully selected the most popular ones where you can spend some quality time with your family and friends.

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I would love to hear from you in the comment section below. Thanks.


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