5 Short Time Hotels in FESTAC and their Prices

Festac, is a federal housing estate located along the Lagos-Badagry Expressway, Lagos. The name “FESTAC Town” is derived from the acronym FESTAC, which stands for the Festival of Arts and Culture that was held there in 1977. The town was built and developed to house participants of this festival which celebrated African culture and showcased … Read more

5 Short Time Hotels in Yaba and their Prices

short time hotels in yaba

Yaba is a suburb located on Lagos Mainland, and well-known for its diverse food and vibrant nightlife scene. It is one of the most-welcoming neighborhoods in Lagos with various hotels and guest houses to accommodate visitors and tourists. Yaba is home to several educational institutions including Queen’s College, Yaba College of Technology, Igbobi College, the … Read more

6 Best Car Wash near Me in Abuja

We will show you the list of the best carwash near me Abuja. We will also let you know other important information that you need to know about them. Abuja is a city with a lot of cars and other vehicles. Therefore, having car washes in almost every part of the city was very necessary. … Read more

How much is Pomeranian Puppy in Nigeria

Pomeranian Little puppies

Are you willing to own a Pomeranian puppy soon? This article will tell you ‘how much is Pomeranian puppy in Nigeria’.  The Pomeranian is a magnificent breed that has captured the hearts of thousands of people. Yes, their fluffy bodies and crafty faces are sure to bring joy to everyone. They are playful, smart, and … Read more

How to get into Tech with SSCE Result

how to get into tech with ssce result

Perhaps you’ve heard how much a relative in tech earns, or maybe you’ve stumbled on a job page that made it clear what staffs in one or more tech positions are likely to earn and now you’re wondering if your SSCE can get you into the field of Technology or let’s say “Tech” for short! … Read more