Learn How to Open Opay Account In 5 Minutes

The Opay good news spreads like a wildfire and as you know, we Nigerians are known to always act fast to grab opportunities, secure our spots whenever we hear about something beneficial such as this Opay Online Banking and this is why on this post, we’re going to discuss on how to create an Opay account. Not only are we going to discuss how you and every other interested Nigerian can create an account, you’ll also learn how to fund an Opay account as well as how to perform Opay app download or download an Opay App.

What is Opay, What are Benefits of Opening Opay account?

Opay is one of the leading mobile payment and financial service providers that operates in many countries around Africa with Nigeria Inclusive. Just recently, Opay celebrated the 4mth Installation and also received praises for saving a lot of Nigerians from being stranded during the last cashless saga that occurred during the earlier months of 2023.

Talking about benefits, an Opay account is a digital platform that enables you enjoy a wide range is services such as Money transfer, bills payment, airtime purchases. You could also invest in many opportunities listed on the platform and the sweetest part is these opportunities are readily available as soon as you sign up for an Opay account.

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Below we’ll see the necessary steps that’ll help you start enjoying Opay and it’s numerous services today.

Steps to open an Opay bank account today

So in order to start enjoy Opay services and benefits. There are about 4 main steps you just take. One of them is ensuring your device is internet enabled and the rest are highlighted below

1. Download Opay Apps

Of course, having an Opay app installed on your device is the only sure way to secure your spot on the platform. You can download Opay app from the app store (Android or iPhone). This opens you to the original Opay app as designed by Opay inc. once you’ve performed Opay app download successfully, see the registration process as explained below

2. Opay Registration and Verification

After downloading the app as mentioned above, the next major step would be Creating your Opay account which is the main reason why we’re here.

To register, you’ll need to provide some information such as an email address, phone number, a strong password (you’ll need this to log in to your account). As soon as you provide these an OTP would be sent as an SMS to your phone. Enter this OTP to complete the registration process for your Opay account.

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3. Extra Layer of Protection

Because the basic information provided in step 2 above is only suitable for a student account (allows you receive not more than 200,000), there is need for an extra information in order to upgrade your account as well as ensure the security is superb and robust. This means you’ll need to provide your full name, date of birth, valid means of identification (Voter’s card, NIN slip,  drivers license or international passport). You’ll also be required to submit these via the app.

4. Set up Opay personal identification Number (PIN)

On submitting the extra information above, you’re going to be asked for a 4 digit pin. This would serve as your Transaction pin. It must be entered whenever you desire to make a transaction on the app.

5. Funding your New Opay account

Funding your brand new Opay Account is the next step. This might include sending money to your account via bank transfers, linking your ATM card or doing so through an Opay agent.

6. Enjoying Opay services

After verification of submitted information and funding your Opay account, the next stage is enjoying the various services and offers by Opay. These might include bills payment, airtime top up, sending money to other Opay customers as well as investing in many opportunities within the app that allows you grow your money.

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Among the features of Opay is the Opay USSD. This allows you bank even when there is no internet connection. Here is a guide on how to use Opay USSD code to carryout limitless number of tasks as an Opay Account holder!


Conclusion: How to Open An Opay Account Inn 5 Minutes

It is really very easy to create an Opay account and one of the benefits of having this account is that you’re just a click away from limitless opportunities. We recommend you share this post to others as the step by step guide would help anyone open an Opay account seamlessly and start enjoying the opportunities and features Opay has to offer.

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