How to Transfer Money from First Bank to Opay Account

It is very easy to transfer money from a first bank account to an opay account but then, there are a few requirements that can help you achieve this whiteout hassle and these are what we’re going to highlight in this post, so we encourage you to patiently read through this guide as it’ll teach you the best way to go about sending money from first bank account to Opay bank account.

As you know, Opay is a digital Banking platform that has created a very positive buzz as it got a lot of financial institutions within Nigeria revitalizing several aspects of their business in order to meet up with the competition. Opay offers a great number of services including airtime recharge, bills payment and is available even with a Opay USSD, Opay Mobile app, and the Opay POS!

In order to successfully carryout Money transfer from First bank account to Opay account, you’ll need:

Requirements to Transfer Money from First Bank to Opay account

In order to be able to send money from a first bank to Opay bank account, you must meet the following requirements

  1. A Valid First Bank Account with sufficient balance (Must exceed the amount you’re sending)
  2.  a Functional Opay bank account that is valid and able to receive the amount you’re sending from the first bank account
  3. In some cases, you might need an ATM Card of the first bank account. But this is when you intend to perform this transaction from an ATM machine or a POS Terminal (Discussed in Method 2 below).
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It is also possible to transfer money from First bank to Opay account without an ATM Card, ATM Machine or POS! How? First bank has its mobile app which allows users transfer money from their first bank account to other banks including Opay!

Now for the sake of this post, we’re assuming you are a first bank customer, have installed First Bank Mobile App, has a valid Opay account.

How to Transfer Money from First Bank Mobile App to Opay Account

Let us see how to properly send out funds from First Bank account to Opay

  1.  Launch your First Bank Mobile App and Log into your First Bank Mobile App
    Loging in is only possible after you must have entered your correct Username and Password. (If you have non, it is important you follow the guide found at first bank website to create a username and password to enable you log into your Mobile app)
  2. Click on “Transfer” to launch the Money transfer feature of the app
  3. Now that the Transfer form is open, You’re required to enter the following feature:

Click on “Receiver Bank” and select Opay from the list of banks
After selecting the bank, next is to type in the Beneficiary Account number and this is same as your Opay account Number
On entering the account number, you’ll see the name of the Beneficiary popping up
Enter the Amount of money you wish to transfer to the Opay Account (NGN 5000) and

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4. Click Submit to complete the transfer from your first bank to Opay bank account!

Once you click on submit there will be an sms notification from first bank confirming the transaction and the amount involved. The Opay account holder (Beneficiary) also receives an sms from Opay confirming the Transaction with the amount of money received!

Method 2: Sending Money from First Bank to Opay Account using a POS Terminal

As mentioned in the sections above, it is very possible to send money from First bank to Opay bank account and in this method 2, we’re assuming you have no apps on your device or just don’t need any stress to your beautiful head and so you walk up to a POS Terminal.

Using a POS machine to transfer money to Opay account from first bank requires that you have the necessary requirements (First bank ATM Card, Know the Opay account to deposit money into).

So simply walk up to a POS Agent and ask for a money transfer.

He is going to mention his charges (NGN 100+) depending on the amount you’re sending. Once you’ve both agreed, the next is to hand over your First Bank ATM Card to him and also the Opay account number you’re sending money to!

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The POS agent would program the device and ask you to enter your ATM Pin.

Now once the pin is entered, the transaction would be completed and the money transfer from first bank to opay account would be completed!

The other method is by Visiting an ATM Machine which we would not discuss on this post today!


Having read through this post, we hope you were able to carryout your money transfer from a first bank to Opay bank account. Please note that we’ve written this content with the confidence that you’re sending the said funds from your account to that of a friend, an acquaintance or a relative! Remember that transfering money from first bank to Opay account requires you to have a valid bank account, a valid ATM card and in most cases, you are also required to carryout this through your first bank Mobile app!


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