How to Open Opay Account without BVN

Just recently, Nigeria’s most trending digital banking institution celebrated its 5th year Anniversary¬†and this celebration was followed by a lot of giveaways! We’re going to be helping you answer a few questions that has confused a lot of Nigerians in time past! We will look through the process of opening Opay account without BVN and we’ll also see if its really possible to borrow money an Opay account without BVN.

Remember BVN Is an acronym for Bank Verification Number. It was introduced towards the end of Jonathan’s regime in 2014/2015 to help curb fraudulent financial transactions in the banking sector and has since remained one of the most important requirements to create a bank account in Nigeria.

If the BVN is one of the most important requirements for all Nigerians willing to create a bank account in the country, is Opay exempted?
Are Opay customers allowed to open bank accounts without a valid BVN? See the paragraphs below as we address this!

How to Open Opay Account without BVN

Opay is a financial institution existing in Nigeria and as such, cannot operate without meeting the regulations as set aside by the apex bank – CBN! Having stated this, it there means that for Opay to be recognized and for accounts created under Opay to be able to transact with other banks, these account holders must provide a valid Bank Verification Number (BVN).

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This means that customers who do not have or provide a BVN Cannot be allowed to own a valid Opay account! Your Details might exist on the database but without a valid bvn bearing your details, you cannot be able to create an Opay account.

So, can i open Opay account without BVN? The answer is NO!

There is no possible way you could open or create an opay account without BVN in Nigeria! even Opay would be sanctioned for allowing such take happen!

How Much can Opay Account Hold without BVN?

Based on the fact that it is impossible to create a valid Opay account, it is therefore normal to say that an Opay account without BVN cannot hold any amount! In order for your account to receive money from either Opay account or other banks, it must have a bank verification number attached to it!
Till you’ve provided a valid BVN, you cannot have an account with Opay or any bank in Nigeria!

Therefore, for the question “How Much can Opay Account Hold without BVN?” the answer is ZERO NAIRA.

Even if Opay used to allow customers create bank accounts without BVN, it is no longer possible as CBN Has placed a very strong monitoring on these digital fintech platforms!

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How to Remove BVN from Opay Account

We’re still in the business of Opay and BVN and this is the point where we dislodge the believe that you can unlink your BVN from an existing Opay account. This is really not possible.

If there is anything wrong between your bank and BVN details submitted, the best thing to do is to ensure the detail is corrected. The BVN is a unique number for every Nigerian with a bank account. One BVN is enough for you to create an account with any bank in the country. It is not possible to unlink or remove BVN From an Opay account. This would’ve been possible if there was an office to walk into with Opay related complaints and the Opay app is not designed to facilitate the unlinking of Bank verification Numbers.

So when it comes to Removing BVN from Opay account, the response is, YOU CANNOT UNLINK BVN FROM OPAY ACCOUNT!

How to Borrow Money from Opay Without BVN

Opay does not facilitate loans! However, Opay has a loan section on the Finance Page from where users are presented gateway to 2 loan apps; EaseMoni and Okash.
Once you tap on any of these, you’re directed to Google play store where you can download the apps and perform your loan requests!

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Instead of loans, Opay has the Savings tab where users can use any of the savings options including OWealth. Powered by Bluebridge Microfinance bank, owealth allows you save your money and get up to 15% of whatever you saved paid back to your account!

Now without BVN, These cannot happen because Opay won’t allow users without BVN create an account and without having an account, you cannot navigate the app!

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