How much is Beagle Puppy in Nigeria

This article is particularly for those asking ‘how much is Beagle Puppy in Nigeria’. If you are one of them, then you’re welcome to the right page.

Dogs are certainly one of the most loved animals by Nigerians because practically, most Nigerians have a dog in their home.

For this reason, it is extremely common that people are looking for dogs to buy or adopt.

However, the truth is that many people who want specific breeds end up buying dogs instead of adopting them, which is why researching the prices of the species is very important.

So, in this article, we’ll answer your question which is ‘how much is Beagle Puppy in Nigeria? This just like our other posts on Prices of Puppies in Nigeria

Keep reading the text to find out exactly what a beagle puppy is currently worth, where it can be found, and also to learn more about the pet.

Little information About Beagle puppies

The Beagle breed originated in Great Britain, of small size and of the group of sniffer dogs, considered excellent hunting and companion dogs. 

Its coat is smooth and dense, the most common colors are red, black, and brown.

Its life expectancy is 13 to 15 years. Meanwhile is has a strong personality. It is a cheerful, lively, and affectionate dog.

Where to Find a Beagle Puppy

As we said before, most of the time people spend a great deal of time looking for where to find the animal of the breed they want, mainly because breed dogs are more difficult to find and this factor can make the search longer than expected.

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In this case, we can say that there are several places where you can find your beagle to buy, but it is important to remember that the first step before buying is to ensure that the breeder does not mistreat the puppies, as this is something that can be more common than imagined.

Having confirmed this, you can find beagle sellers mainly on the internet, as with a quick search you will find some beagles that can be yours for a certain amount.

Also, in case you are against buying dogs online, a great idea is to go to adoption stores. So these are some places you can go to find the perfect beagle puppy for you.

How much is Beagle Puppy in Nigeria

As we said before, buying animals is a very common practice but this does not mean that all prices for the breeds tend to be lower due to the great existing demand.

Thus, we can say that a purebred beagle puppy has a very high price precisely for being pure and also for being a puppy.

Since these are precisely the factors that make the price of the dog go up too high. Taking a quick search on the internet, we can see that the average price of beagle puppies ranges between N82, 300 to N329, 200 which is an extremely high value.

However, it can be considered cheap if you have a big love for Beagle puppies. Below is the price range of beagle puppies in Nigeria;

Beagle puppy below N200,000

Beagle puppy that their prices go below N200, 000 Are usually the ones raised from a normal family or raised by a family member.

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Most of the time, the breeder is willing to sell because he/she is no longer interested in breeding the puppy.

However, always confirm the health conditions of the ones that are extremely cheap like lower than N30, 000.

Beagle puppy between N200,000 to N400,000

Beagle puppies within this price range are usually sold by professional breeders. These puppies are usually pure breed with a good family record.

Most of them have already gone through basic command training like; go down, sit, eat among others.

Characteristics of Beagle puppies

Let’s consider a few interesting characteristics of a Beagle Puppy! I know this is one interesting part of the whole gist cos this helps you pick the right breed of puppy to hold as pet!


Beagle is a wonderful breed for families, children, and sportsmen. This breed is not recommended to live in closed places like apartments. 

Being a very active dog breed you will need to take your Beagle for daily runs and walks. 

This breed is also used as a detection dog in airports and a sniffer in rescues, because of its incredible sense of smell.

The Beagle is not considered a good watchdog, but it can be a warning dog, due to the excessive barking when approaching someone who is not your daily companion. 

Basic obedience training and a lot of leadership are necessary for the beagle to get along well within the family, as it is an extremely restless and often distracted dog.


The Beagle doesn’t require much hair care, plus weekly bathing and brushing to keep the coat clean and shiny.

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The adult Beagle must be fed a balanced diet, with restricted calories so as not to gain too much weight.

As a general rule, a dog’s diet should take into account the specific characteristics of the canine species, breed and size diversity, as well as its ability to properly digest nutrients. 

Beagle puppies should be fed a puppy ration with a high vitamin content recommended by a veterinarian.


The breed is considered excellent for families, especially those with children, as they are quite companions. 

While ideal at this point, they shouldn’t be set up indoors, like an apartment, for example. 

They have a sporty streak in their temperament, they need a lot of daily activities, which can be a run or even walks, as well as various games.

Beagle Color

The beagle is a dog with a multicolored coat, which is bi- or tri-colored, most of the time with a white background, but never completely of this color.

As it is a mixed color dog, it can be found in combinations of lemon and white, tan and white, red and white, and orange and white. 

Also,  tricolor versions, which include brown, chocolate, or black mixed with white and other shades already mentioned.

Conclusion: How much is Beagle Puppy in Nigeria

At this point, you already know how much is Beagle puppy in Nigeria. It is only left for you to search for a seller/breeder to get one for yourself.

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