5 Most Affordable Hotels in Wuse Abuja  

Wuse, a very popular city in Abuja, is located in the central area of Abuja. I will say Wuse is a place of attraction, well organized and center of business and pleasure, you get to experience real fun in Abuja, because there are a lot of exciting places to visit so if you are visiting Abuja for the first time and you intend on having a great time I will recommend you spend your tie in Wuse . I will be giving an insight of some affordable hotels in Wuse Abuja where you will get value for your money and they are moderately priced.

5 Most Affordable Hotels in Wuse Abuja

In this section, we are looking at a list of 5 most affordable hotels in Wuse city of Abuja and we are making these choices after considering a few factors! Quickly check them out below!

1. Berbera Palace Royale

This is a 3-star hotel with 4.2 ratings located at Zone 6, 2 Berbera St, Wuse Abuja. as one of the many prestigious hotels in Wuse Abuja, Berbera Palace Royale offers air-conditioned rooms , flat screen TVs connected to satellite , En-suite bathrooms , Refrigerator ,Tea / coffee maker ,Airport shuttle, free parking, free Wi-Fi service, bar, Restaurant. They also offers 24-hours room service, daily cleaning routine and full- laundry service.

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hotels in wuse abuja

Their meals taste really great with different varieties such as the Chinese , African , British , Italian dishes and lots more .you can make a reservation for your dinner dates or visit for bookings.

2. Oxford Hotel

Oxford hotel is a 3-star hotel with 4 ratings. It is located at 26 Seuz Crescent Wuse Abuja , it’s 40mins drive from the Abuja airport. The hotel offers well equipped air -conditioned rooms, constant power supply, good security, friendly environment, free parking space, free breakfast, 24 hours room service, full-laundry service, A restaurant that offers you exquisite meals you get the privilege of both African and continental cuisine. A bar/lounge for evening relaxation. You also get to enjoy café band sessions every Saturday night. The hospitality is top notch so if you are a traveler looking for a nice and moderately priced hotel I will recommend you visit Oxford hotel where you will experience luxury .

3. Prixair Pure Hotel Wuse

Prixair Pure Hotel is a 4 – star hotel with 4.0 ratings. It is located at 14 Cotonou crescent off Bissau street Wuse Abuja , it’s 41 minutes drive from the airport, it’s 11 mins drive from Jabi Lake , 24 minutes drive from the National Children’s park and 7 mins drive from the Abuja national mosque. The hotel offers well spacious rooms with air – conditioning , A constant water supply and light supply, free parking space, 24 hours room service , A full service laundry, 24 hours front desk service ,A Bar with variety of drinks , A restaurant that offers sumptuous meals that will wow your taste bud , free breakfast and free Wi-Fi service is also available . You can place your bookings by checking their online page .

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4. Day Spring Hotel

Dayspring hotel is a 3 – star hotel with 6 ratings. It’s located at Zone 6 Wuse, Plot 4 Juan St, Wuse, Abuja, it’s 39 mins drive from the airport, 10 mins drive from Jabi Boat Club and 12mins drive from Abuja Central Park. so it’s located at a very good site for your tourism. You are privileged to visit these places if you get bored staying at the hotel .The hotel offers free parking space, An airport shuttle, well furnished rooms with air conditioning,24 hours room service, A full- laundry service, Housekeeping service, 24 hours front desk service, constant power supply, constant water supply available, A restaurant that offers great menu that is moderately priced, Bar/lounge for relaxation and drinks meeting rooms are also available for business meetings and events. Checking out time is 12 pm. Day spring hotel is a superb hotel with good security and great services. Did I forget their customer service is too notch.

Febson Hotel and Apartments – 5 Affordable Hotels in Wuse Abuja

Febson hotel and Apartments Is one of the many prestigious 3 – star hotels in Wuse Abuja with 6 ratings located at Zone 4, 2 Lakota St Wuse Abuja. it’s 40 mins drive from the Abuja international airport. The hotel offers extremely nice rooms with air – conditioning, A clean pool that helps to calm your nerves in hot atmosphere , a well equipped fitness center for your morning and evening exercises , friendly environment with fresh air , Good security , free parking space and free breakfast is available, 24-hours room service. 24 hours front desk service, A full – service laundry , A bar with variety of drinks , A restaurant that offers different sumptuous meal that will excite your taste bud. Their customer service is great . Febson hotel and apartments is a place you will love they give you value for your money so if you are visiting Abuja for the first time and you are in need of a very nice and affordable hotel I will recommend this hotel for you .

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