Affordable hangout spots In Abuja

Abuja is a beautiful place and one thing I love about Abuja is that it is well organized down to the transport system, the relaxation centers. Everything is so amazing they have a good road network, so you don’t have anything to worry about when using a road trip. So if you are planning on visiting for a vacation, a business trip, attending a function you really have nothing to worry about. Here are some very exciting and beautiful hangout spots in Abuja if you are thinking of going for a very cool tour or you just want to relax and have some good fun.

1. Jabi Lake/Mall

Jabi Lake is an artificial lake with so much beach vibes. it’s an exquisite hangout spot in Abuja, a place to relax and have fun. In Jabi Lake are different activities you could engage in like the boat cruise, paddling of canoe, riding of horses. There is also a lounge where you can relax, eat and drink, and close to the Jabi lake you can find the jabi lake mall where you can go for shopping and get whatever you want you can also do window shopping.

Jabi lake - Hangout spots in Abuja


2. The Dome

The Dome is a prime entertainment and hospitality. It is well organized with different sections where you can catch all the fun with your family, friends, lover, etc. To me, the Dome is a place of fresh air where you can just relax and catch your fun and be happy. I personally love fun places so The Dome as a hangout spot in Abuja is one place I will recommend for everyone like I said earlier there are different sectors which I will be telling you about below;

  • Bowling Alley Center  is one game that gives me joy even if you are not getting it right you feel that happiness playing the game, there is also a bar in the Bowling Alley Center where you can relax and have drinks and enjoy some Good Music.
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  • The Body Trust Fitness and Health Center is yet another sector within the Dome. It’s a fitness center to burn that calories and be fit or even if you don’t want to watch your weight is good to exercise. Exercising helps the body to be flexible and be in good shape. Body Trust Fitness and Health Center, Abuja is well equipped and their services are topnotch, they also have health bar that offers variety of wellness drinks that will help to keep you healthy.


  • Twin Café and Bakery: The twin Café offers you freshly baked pastries and variety of brewed coffee and tea. Their tea is so nice I can bet on that, you are also opportune to free Wi-Fi everybody loves free Wi-Fi so visiting twin Café and bakery is something you will love .You can book a reservation or just walk in. I will recommend it for official meetings especially in the morning where you can start your day with a good breakfast.


  • The Francis Hotel is a place where you can relax and chill and be comfortable. It is well furnished for your comfort, if you are looking for luxury or you want to experience luxury I will recommend the Francis hotel for you. I am sure this could be one of the best hotels in Abuja
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  • The Paradiso Garden is a beautiful garden with a poolside for pool side party you can chill out with your friends ,you can also book a reservation for birthdays, photo shoot, wedding anniversaries and lots more. it is also a good place for lunch and dinner date.


  • The summit Restaurant is another charming place the settings are perfect it has a bar where you can get drinks you can make reservations for your birthday because it has a nice dining settings. One thing I love about summit restaurant is their mouth watering continental dishes.

3. Crush Café

Still searching for a handout spots in Abuja City? well, here is another one called Crush Café. Crush Café is located at Gwarinpa where they offer you varieties of sumptuous meal their menu is moderately priced they have the regular sitting area and the VIP sitting area . In the VIP sitting area you are not allowed to order for a meal lower than the tagged price for VIP. Their barbecue there is very nice and is quite affordable too with their drinks and then there is the White House which opens by 4pm in the evening this part of the Crush Café is so beautiful and neat the settings in the White House is so remarkable there is also a sector for VIP and another sector for regular .Their customers service is not is big thumbs up but they try their best to ensure their customers are comfortable. it’s a good hangout spot in Abuja where you can relax with good music and chill with friends.

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