Fun things to do in Kwa Muhle Museum in Durban

While exploring and enjoying the beautiful climate of South Africa, it wont be too bad to want to know what the history of the good people of south Africa reads like and to find more interesting details regarding the history of the People of South Africa, i found myself at the door of Kwa Muhle Museum!

This is a nicely preserved history place i must say and in a few lines below, i shall help you find one or more fun things you could enjoy in this wonderful place if your journey like mine ever takes you to Durban Province!

While helping you find these amazing fun, you’ll be learning a few more than just that. Just give it a minute or two cos the knowledge you’re about to receive for free is very priceless!

Walking into Kwa Muhle Museum, Durban

Kwa Muhle Museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in learning about South African history and culture. Located in the heart of Durban, South Africa, the museum is housed in a beautiful Victorian building that was once a leper colony.

The museum’s exhibits explore the history of the African continent from pre-colonial times to the present day. Visitors can learn about the different cultures that make up South Africa, as well as the challenges and triumphs that Africans have faced throughout history.

Where is Kwa Muhle Museum Located?

Kwa Muhle Museum holds a very exciting experience for everyone that is opportune to visit and so it’s normal to want to know the location of such a great place in the city of Durban. The Museum is located at 130 Bram Fischer Road, Durban Central, Durban, 4001, South Africa. It is in the heart of Durban, within walking distance of many other attractions, such as the Durban City Hall, the Old Fort, and the Durban Botanic Gardens.

what is the location of kwa muhle museum
Location of Kwa Muhle Museum, Durban


Which is the closest airport to Kwa Muhle Museum?

You can get to Kwa Muhle Museum by car, taxi, or public bus. The closest bus stop is the Point Road Bus Station, which is about 1 kilometer from the museum. There are also metered taxis available in Durban.

It is located in the heart of the city and so when it comes to Airports, the closest to the Museum would be the Durban International Airport (DUR) which is just 20 kilometers away. Aside public buses, taxis, you can also get to the Museum by booking an uBer!

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What are the opening hours of Kwa Muhle Museum?

Knowing the best time to visit a place or knowing the opening as well as closing time is very important as it helps you plan your time, know the fastest means of getting to the location. so in this section, I’m glad to say Kwa Muhle Museum is happy to receive you from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, tuesday through Sunday. I think it’ll be very nice to contact the museum management and make proper arrangements, get updated information too.

How to Contact Kwa Muhle Museum, Durban

Quickly place a call to the management of Kwa Muhle to get the updated information on booking and other necessary information before you visit! Call with Kwa Muhle Official Phone Number – +27313112237!

What are the entrance fees for Kwa Muhle Museum?

After knowing the opening hours, the next important detail that’ll help you plan your budget is the gate fees. Kwa Museum has varying entrance fees depending on who is visiting, you age. It is cheaper for students and aged people to visit the museum as they’re charged R20 ($1) per person while Adults are charged R40 ($2) each. Children under 6 are charged same entrance fees with aged people.

What are the most popular Exhibits at Kwa Muhle Museum Durban?

Having known the Entrance fee for everyone you’re visiting with, let us consider another important question to help you visualize why a visit the Kwa Muhle might just be what you’ve been looking for! Exhibits i would say were an important aspect of my tour i must not forget to mention. It opened my mind to a lot of things that i would never have known if i did not visit!

The Slave History Gallery: This gallery tells the story of slavery in South Africa! It was the most interesting for me as i’ve always wanted to know how my ancestors were treated during the slave era!

kwa muhle museum durban
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The Natural History Gallery: This gallery showcases the plants and animals of Africa. Here you’ll get to learn some of the important herbs, plants and animals and their importance in South African Households, natural health, etc!

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Voortrekker Gallery-kwa-muhle-museum
Voortrekker Gallery-kwa-muhle-museum| Source Tripadvisor – Kwa Muhle Museum Durban KwaZulu Natal


The Voortrekker Gallery: This gallery tells the story of the Voortrekkers, a group of Dutch settlers who migrated to South Africa in the 19th century.

Reliefs on the Voortrekker Monument at Pretoria, South Africa. The Voortrekker Monument is located just south of Pretoria in South Africa. This massive granite structure is prominently located on a hilltop, and was raised to commemorate the Voortrekkers who left the Cape Colony between 1835 and 1854. It was designed by the architect Gerard Moerdijk. On 8 July 2011, the Voortrekker Monument was declared a National Heritage Site by the South African Heritage Resource Agency. (Photo by: Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)


The Zulu Gallery: This gallery tells the story of the Zulu people, one of the most powerful tribes in South Africa. After learning about the People of Zulu, i got to understand why i did the things i do and why my methods and approach to certain things varied with others!

How can I get to Kwa Muhle Museum from the Airport?

As mentioned in “Which is the closest airport to Kwa Muhle Museum” above, Durban International Airport (DUR) is about 20 kilometers away from the museum so once you get off the airport, your best move would be locating the nearest bus stop or hiring a cab or best of it all, launch your Uber App, add “Kwa Muhle Museum” as your destination and wait for your driver to arrive!

Uber option is most suitable if you’re visiting with a special someone like your lover, kids or friends who wouldn’t want to jump buses and public taxis! Once you book a cab or bolt, just sit a few minutes and i promise you’ll find yourself at the Museum!

Are there any guided tours available at Kwa Muhle Museum?

Of course, this is one important question for which i received a very positive answer before i placed the museum on my list of places to visit in Durban city of South Africa. While it costs some few cents to get a tour guide, theĀ  benefits outweighs the cost and i promise no one would enjoy the tales like you! These guides are so knowledgeable about the history of South Africa that you’ll never want to go home!

The tours are offered in English, Zulu, and Afrikaans. They are led by knowledgeable guides who can provide you with insights into the history and culture of the exhibits. The tours last for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The cost of a guided tour is R50 for adults, R30 for students and seniors, and free for children under 6. Tours are available on Tuesdays through Sundays.

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is it more beneficial Having a Tour Guide at Kwa Muhle Museum?

Benefits of taking a guided tour at Kwa Muhle Museum:

  • You will learn more about the history and culture of the exhibits from a knowledgeable guide.
  • You will get a deeper understanding of the exhibits.
  • You will be able to ask questions about the exhibits.
  • You will be able to see more of the museum in a shorter amount of time.

Fun things to do in Kwa Muhle Museum, Durban

There are just 3 amazing notable stuffs to do in the Museum. Except you’re not a lover of adventure with a sprinkle of history, i am sure you’ll be blown away by the rich cultural heritage of the South African people once you step a foot into Kwa Muhle!

Interactive Exhibits

One of the museum’s highlights is its interactive exhibits. You can listen to personal accounts, view historical photographs, and even participate in workshops, making the history come alive.

Discovering the Past

Kwa Muhle Museum is a historical treasure trove located in the heart of Durban. The museum’s name, “Kwa Muhle,” translates to “The Place of Goodwill.” It was once a municipal building that played a pivotal role during the apartheid era.

A Journey Through Apartheid

Inside the museum, you’ll embark on a journey through South Africa’s complex history, particularly the apartheid years. The exhibits are thoughtfully curated, providing valuable insights into the struggles and triumphs of the South African people during that time.

Final Thoughts on Fun things to do in Kwa Muhle Museum

Kwa Muhle Museum in Durban is a captivating destination that blends history, culture, and education seamlessly. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or just curious about South Africa’s past, this museum offers a rewarding experience and i am sure you’ll have loads of tales, exciting photos for people back home!

Before you plan your trip, make sure to explore its interactive exhibits, enjoy guided tours, and take in the beautiful outdoor gardens. And when it comes to getting there, King Shaka International Airport and the nearby bus stop make transportation a breeze.

So, when you’re in Durban, don’t miss the chance to explore Kwa Muhle Museum, a place where history and culture converge.


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