What is the Cost of Migrating to Dubai in 2023?

Migration, perhaps the most frequently pronounced word coming from most Nigerian adults especially as the economy doesn’t seem to be smiling on anyone these days. It is become a very important prayer in the lips of Many as the country doesn’t seem to have a safe anode anymore. Many think of Migration for many reasons For some, it’s is a way to secure their till things get normal again, to others, migration is final and must be permanent as they plan not to return to Nigeria once they step out. To another fraction of those wanting to migrate out of Nigeria, maybe a destination like Dubai, to earn a few more cash to keep the family going while praying for better days! But many are often hindered by the Cost requirements to migrate to Dubai. So in order to provide the answers you seek, Fastgidi reached out to a few Dubai residents to find out what is the cost of migrating to Dubai!

Whatever we discovered, we’re going to share without reservation. It is important for our readers to understand what it costs to migrate to Dubai and to do this, we’re assuming everyone is using the simplest path which is the 3 Months Tourist, Getting a Job within Dubai in order to afford you the opportunity to switch your tourist visa to a full resident permit.

What does it cost to Relocate to Dubai?

Before we spill a certain amount, for the sake of clarity, the author would love to highlight some of the details that makes it either cheap or costly to migrate to Dubai!

1. Cost of Dubai Visa

The price of Dubai Visa for Most Africans is pegged at 1,200 DHS (please convert to your local currency). This is the official price for a 3 months Dubai tourist visa. I understand there might be variations for most African nationals but be repaired to spend around 1200Dhs to obtain Dubai tourist visa.
cost of relocating to Dubai
This is one of the major costs of migrating to Dubai since you’re a citizen of a country with no visa free arrangements!

2. Price of Dubai Flight ticket

Another important thing that inflates the cost of migration to Dubai at the moment is the Flight ticket. Truth is, ever since COVID-19 came up and shifted the normal way of travelling, cost of flight has never been the same regardless of your travel destination.
What is the cost of Dubai flight? On the average, Cost of flying from Nigeria to Dubai ranges from $700 – $1800 depending on the period and airline you chose to fly with. Let’s put it at $950 since it’s the most popular amount when we searched different airlines online.
Bear in mind also that Dubai flight costs more if you are buying a Direct flight from airlines like Emirates, Etihad, Fly Dubai, etc.
Dubai flight ticket is one hell of a major

3. Accommodation

Unless you’re going for 7 days visit, you’ll need around 1200Dhs in order to be able to get a regular accommodation in Dubai. Those intending to lodge at hotels should reserve some 150 – 250Dhs per night which should get you a room in one of the low priced hotels in Dubai City. The total cost of migrating to Dubai could be more if you’re after comfort, find it hard sharing bed space as mentioned above. If you need a full private space, then be ready to spend at least 2500Dhs monthly to cover your rent. Because we’re focused on those travelling to convert their visas to Resident permit, we keep the cost of Dubai accommodation at 600 Monthly and you’re required to carry some Extra money just incase you couldn’t find a job within the first month of arrival.

4. Feeding Costs

Well, you’re leaving your home country to a place where you probably have no one, no one to offer you free meals and no one to cover your food bills, well, if you’re from Nigeria like myself, love Nigerian meals, takes more time to adapt, I’ll suggest you carry along some 30 – 60 DHS for your daily meals. This becomes cheaper if you could find a little pot to buy and make your own meals. This is about 1800Dhs monthly.

5. Getting a Dubai Job

I know this might sound funny, but if you’re a black African male, there are 50 – 50 chance you’ll need agents to take you to an available job once there is any. To do this, agents charge some fee. The fees ranges from 500 – 1000 DHS depending on the agent you meet.
It is important to point out however, that most African agents in Dubai are very funny and greedy. Sometimes even after paying this amount, you’ll still be taken to a job that might not treat you well, pay you high or even have the necessary diversity policies to save you from Indian, Pakistan Bullies.
So if you’re touring with the intention to stay back, keep your 1000dhs for job. Most times you might end up not using the money at all. If you found a job without paying agent fees, it means the money stays in your pocket.
Warning: Please understand that at the time this content was written, the UAE Government currently do not issue resident permits to every Nigerian. This has been on for almost a year now with no certainty as to when they’ll start issuing again, This means most companies would only employ you if you meet certain criteria as stipulated by the Authorities!

6. International Passport

You must have your international passport handy before applying for Dubai Visa! This usually costs around NGN37,000 – 45,000 Depending on which passport office you visit, depending also on whether you opted for instant processing or the usual normal Mode!

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Nigerian International Passpor

Conclusion: Cost Of Relocating to Dubai from Nigeria

What is the cost of migrating to Dubai? Having considered the various types of cost you might incur as you move to Dubai, it is therefore necessary to point out that you’ll need around 8000Dhs to travel successfully to Dubai, feed, house and get a job if you’re patient and meets the right people to handle your program.
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