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As a Nigerian, you’ll agree that being a fashion designer becomes the next dream of many of us especially when we find it hard to get a well-paying job. Having chosen such a wonderful trade, another thing that would help you love the trade is having a good sewing machine that is durable, rugged, and affordable. It should also be able to allow you to make designs without breaking a finger and this is why we are here to discuss the Butterfly sewing machine as it’s a well-known brand as far as sewing machines and Nigeria is concerned. Through this post, we shall be answering the question “What is butterfly sewing machine price in Nigeria”

Different Types of Butterfly Sewing Machine

Butterfly as we’ve earlier said has become a well-known brand as far as sewing machines are concerned and for this reason, we are going to see the different types of butterfly sewing machines and what they are used for.

Butterfly Manual Sewing Machine

As a beginner or amateur as some may call it, it is often recommended that you start your journey as a fashion designer with a manual Sewing machine especially that made by butterfly. These Manual sewing machines are designed to be used manually but in most cases, you discover an electrical device is attached just beside the wheel.

The butterfly manual sewing machine can be used to sew any kind of fabric regardless of texture and style.

Butterfly Electric Sewing Machines

Since the Manual sewing machines work by having an impulse sent by the foot of a user or having an electronic motor attached, the electrical sewing machines manufactured by butterfly are designed to work with the aid of a single motor which sends an electrical impulse to move the needle. The machine is also feet operated. This principle makes it easy for the hands of the operator to be fixed on the fabric bring worked upon.

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The Butterfly electric sewing machine is most suitable for home fashion designers. Electric Sewing machines allow the Multi-function zig-zag embroidery machine

Butterfly Overlockers

These are special finishing machines used for making hems and seams. They can offer decorative stitching options, they can sew a seam as well as cut off excess fabric after perfectly working on the edges.

What is the price of Butterfly Sewing Machine in Nigeria?

As a fashion designer seeking to buy the best sewing machines from the market, I must inform you that it takes knowing your needs to be able to know which or what type of machine to take home. The truth remains, almost all the machines you are going to come across in the market look alike, however, they may differ in size and cost differently and offer a different type of stitches also.

It is important to understand some of these butterfly sewing machines requires more experience to operate and serve the purpose for which they are bought

Butterfly Sewing Machine                                                   Price Prediction
Butterfly Domestic Sewing Machine JA2-1 (2-Drawer)          58,500 – 64,500
Butterfly Domestic Sewing Machine JA2-1 (2 drawer)           54,000 – 59,000
Butterfly Domestic Sewing Machine JA2-1 (3 Drawer)           60,500 – 65,700
butterfly domestic sewing machine JA2-1 (3 Drawer)            56,000 – 61,500
Butterfly Multifunctional Sewing Machine Mid jh8190s         46,000 – 52,000

Things to Consider before Choosing a Sewing Machine

For newbie fashion designers, finally owning a sewing machine might bring you different kinds of emotions, to some, its a dream come true, to others, it means your journey as a designer has just begun its advanced level but do not forget that even the cheapest of sewing machines may have wonderful features that may be too much for your experience. Also, remember that those features you may not need today may become very important as you advance your career as a fashion designer. This is why you must never look down on any sewing machine at all.

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In this section, fastgidi team will be listing a series of things you may want to look out for while picking a sewing machine for yourself.

Note: This section is strictly for newbies, but as an advanced user, I know there might be one or 2 points you may pick from here especially since you may have been more experienced using a butterfly sewing machine

Your Budget
It is very important to cut your cloth according to your material and in this case, we are trying to make you understand that it might be quite disappointing to pick a sewing machine you may not be able to afford at the moment. Instead of picking something you cannot afford, why not proceed to pick a used sewing machine that is advanced and ready to serve you anytime any day?

Well, I know you know what you want, but ensure your budget is right for it as I wouldn’t want you to end up with that feeling of disappointment.

Your Experience
As a beginner, it is important to choose a machine that would enable you to grab the basic skills easily as this would help you grow from amateur to professional in the field of fashion designing.

As a beginner, you may realize the machine you are about to buy is too high on your budget, experience, etc. what if the stitch options are too advanced than your capability?

Your Project Type
If you are a designer who specializes in using fabrics like Denim, Heavy Cotton Twill, or other lightweight fabrics, then you may want to pick a strong machine with good stitching ability.

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Remember to pick machines that are ready to offer the features you’ll need without a single hassle.

Stitching Capacity
Fashion Design centers around Stitches. For this reason, you must after ascertaining your budget, ensure the sewing machine to take home offers zigzag stitch, buttonhole, straight stitch, etc. also ensure it has Blind hem and utility stitches.

In the fashion world, as a creator, the tools you use, machines, way of handling projects as well as the ease with which you do your things are things that make you unique. Based on this, it is important to look out for sewing machines that are unique or offer unique features.

These unique features may include; needle threader, adjustable speed control, needle position adjuster, needle up/down, automatic threader cutter, knee lifter, free arm, etc

Choosing a sewing machine that offers these features makes your work smooth and easy.

Attachment and Feet
Depending on the sewing project at hand, you may look out for features such as a presser foot, overcast stitching foot, zipper foot, button attaching foot, twin needles, buttonhole foot, etc. As a designer, it is important to ensure the right feet and attachment suitable for your project is in place before you take that machine home.

Conclusion: Butterfly sewing machine price in Nigeria

You can never know it all from reading a piece of content coined after a few days of research by the fastgidi research team. Therefore, we recommend you visit a nearby supplier, build a relationship with them as they can supply you with the right sewing machine that meets your needs. Also do a little research by contacting your trainer, consulting advanced and experienced people in the world of fashion as they have used a lot of machines in the past, knows the most suitable for you as a junior or younger professional

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