5 Short time hotels in Ogba and their Prices

Ogba is a city located in the north of Ikeja, a densely populated area with lots of residential buildings, hotels, banks, companies and more. As expected, this area experiences traffic congestion a lot due to the huge numbers of vehicles moving on the busy roads. 

While this hustling and bustling go on, some people are searching for the best short time hotels in Ogba at least to have a good time and escape from reality at the moment. Guess you’re likely to be one of them.

Finding short time hotels in a location like Ogba can be challenging especially when you’re checking in for the first time. So, to ease your stress of searching, we’ve curated a list of the best short time hotels in Ikeja and their contact details.

Why do people need short time hotels in Ogba

People opt-in for short time hotels in Ogba for some reasons, here are some of them;

  • Privacy—Everyone seeks privacy but sometimes they don’t have it in where they stay at the moment so they find an alternative. This is where short time hotels come in because these hotels provide the privacy and security that most people seek.
  • Relax—Lots of short time hotels strive to make their hotels as comfortable as it can be so that guests can enjoy their stay to the fullest. So while people go about their daily routine, they also seek rest at these hotels.
  • Intimacy—Short-time hotels in Ogba also cater to couples seeking a private and intimate space to spend quality time together. Whether it’s for a romantic evening, a or special occasion these hotels offer a discreet and comfortable environment.

5 best short time hotels in Ogba

  1. Paradise Hotel and Suites

Paradise Hotel & Suites is a fantastic choice for a short stay in Ogba. The hotel offers a very conducive atmosphere for individuals or couples who want to have some private moments alone. They ensure that you’re comfortable at all times with the 24-hour power supply and air-conditioned rooms. You’ll also enjoy amenities like Wi-Fi access in public and private areas, an internet workstation, a pool, a parking facility, and a fitness center.

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A standout feature of Paradise Hotel & Suites is its outdoor bar, located just before the hotel entrance. At the bar, you can order catfish pepper soup, Nkwobi, and a variety of drinks at affordable prices. Aside from the outdoor bar, there is also a large wine garden and a well-stocked bar where you can get drinks of your choice.

The staff of this hotel have been commended for their hospitality. Even if you arrive late, they go the extra mile to provide you with a comfortable room for the night.

Location; Paradise Hotel and Suites is located at Cinema B/Stop, 6/8 Alimi Ogunyemi Street, Off College Rd, Ogba 100218, Lagos. A great location for sightseeing, recreation, dining and getting around. It is  Close to the cinema, Ogba bus stop, and Oyemekun bus stop.

Phone: 0803 726 4555

Website: https://paradisehotelandgarden.com/

  1. Class Suites, Agege-Ogba

Are you looking for a top-tier short time hotel in Ogba? Then you should consider the Class Suites, Agege-Ogba, located in a lively neighbourhood in Ogba. 

Just like every standard hotel in Ogba, Class Suites hotel offers free breakfast plus other amazing facilities like free Wi-Fi, free parking, air conditioning, an on-site restaurant, and a bar.

They have different room categories, with the deluxe room being lots of guest favourites. These are spacious enough for two people with each of them having standard amenities including; air conditioners and water heaters. Guests get to enjoy these amenities to the fullest with the 24-hour power supply.

We’ve seen lots of praise for Class Suites Hotel for their hospitality and for giving guests value for their money. One of the guests of this hotel highlighted the warm reception from individuals like Kemi at the front desk and the manager, Mr. John. 

Location: Class Suites is located at 3, Emiloju Street, Behind Agege Stadium, 1 Emiloju St, Agege 234001, Lagos. A place easily accessible from the stadium bus stop, First Alhaja bus stop, Otubu Bustop, and pero bus top.

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Phone: 0817 448 9650

Website: https://www.classsuite.com/

  1. Double One Hotel ..ikeja close to ogba

Double One Hotel is so comfortable that guests are quick to call it home away from home. It is the best hotel for a short time with close proximity to Ogba. If you stay anywhere in Ikeja or Ogba, you can easily access the hotel by bus, car, or even on foot.

The rooms are well-furnished and properly maintained. With the 24/7 power supply and efficient air-conditioning, guests are sure to enjoy their stay. There’s also a restaurant where you can order your favourite dishes and a bar where you get your wines, beer, sodas and more.

One thing many guests love about this hotel is their high level of hygiene and the affordability of their foods and drinks.

Location: Double One Hotel is located at hotel bus-stop, Omole, 11 Bamako St, Ojodu 110001, Ikeja, Lagos. A great spot for those seeking a quiet and lovely place to hang out for a short time.  This place is close to places like the Omole Phase, Akiode, Grammar School, and Danibele Emmanuel.

Phone: 0704 548 5526

  1. Galpin Suites Hotel

Galpin Suites is located just a few minutes drives away from Ogba, offering a serene and relaxing atmosphere for a short-term stay. This hotel offers a variety of room options, from VIP Executive to Executive Suite, Standard to Medium, allowing you to choose based on your budget. 

The hotel rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi and TVs, and some rooms even feature cozy sitting areas. Many guests have praised the cleanliness of the rooms and the quality of the bedding. The constant power supply adds to the room’s comfortability.

Some amenities you’ll find at Galpin Suites include a 24-hour restaurant serving delicious meals, a bar, and a pleasant terrace for relaxation. You’ll also enjoy the free breakfast and the convenient parking facility.

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It might be more expensive than other hotels on this list but guests have commended the hotel for giving them value for money.

Location: Galpin Suites is located at 1 Jafac Close, Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Alh. Jimoh St, Ikeja. A quiet side street close to various attractions, like the Kalakuta Museum, which is 3 km away, and the Ketu Market, which is 10 km away.

Phone: 0903 861 8782

  1. Excellence Hotel Ogba

Located in the heart of Ogba, Excellence Hotel is a haven for those seeking a memorable short-term stay. It is like a mixture of relaxation, recreation, and convenience. The rooms are well furnished with a king-size bed big enough for two people. There are air conditioners and uninterrupted power supply to complement the comfortable experience that guests seek.

One noticeable feature of this hotel is the spacious compound which has an inviting poolside perfect for guests who want to have a good time outside. You can choose to enjoy your meal in the open air or under covered seating, with music playing to enhance your dining experience.

If you’re into sports or a tennis lover, you visit the tennis court. There’s also a restaurant where you can get a wide range of local and continental dishes.

Location: Excellence Hotel is located at Lateef Jakande Rd, Agidingbi 101233, Ikeja, Lagos, close to Aguda, Ajayi junction, Avis, and Modupe. This hotel is a great location overall for sightseeing, recreation and getting around.

Phone: 0806 054 5149


While Ogba might look like a place where hustling and bustling take place, you will still find a perfect place to have a good time for a short time. All you have to do is to go through this list of the best short time hotels in Ogba, locate the one that catches your attention most and enjoy.

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