Best Moving Companies in Lagos

The rate at which residents of Lagos move to new homes either within or outside the state is becoming alarming. Almost everyone in Lagos is now moving to new residences for different reasons. Most times, it happens when residents who live in rented apartments plan to occupy a new house they have just finished building.

It also happens when they want to change environments or move to a better place. Whichever reason people move to new houses for, it must involve moving of their properties out of the old house too. This is where Moving Companies come into play.

Moving companies in Lagos
Moving Clients’ belongings onto a Van to Transfer to another apartment || Image Source: iStockphotos

Moving Companies, also known as Removal Service Companies, Relocation companies, or van lines are responsible for providing services that involve relocation from one place to another. They provide labor to physically move properties and other tangible inventories for clients from one location to another. They also offer For-Hire services to residents and businesses.

If you are moving inventories or properties from one place to another in Lagos, it is necessary you get familiar with the Best Moving Companies in Lagos. This will make the process easy and stress-free for you. This article will reveal the Best Moving Companies in Lagos, their prices, and how you can contact them for their services.

Axopolitan Moving

Price: Starts from N25,000

Address: The Mall, Suite 2, Women Development center(WDC, Oba Ogunji Rd, Pencinema 100283, Lagos

Axopolitan Moving is regarded as one of the best in the state and country. It is involved in both residential and commercial moving services. Axopolitan promises to treat you and your items with ultra-care. Employees at Axopolitan are highly trained to satisfy the customers. It also promises to be a moving company that cares about clients.

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Axopolitan is involved in moving services that include;

  • Furniture assembly
  • Local Moving
  • Moving-related packing
  • Moving-related storage
  • Oversized item moving
  • Vehicle Transport
  • Commercial Moving
  • Office Moving
  • Office Relocation
  • Relocation Services

The Mainland Movers

Price: Starts from N10,000

Address: 16 Tayo Kehinde Cres, Alimosho 102213, Lagos

The Mainland Movers was established in 2010 and has since then been providing great services to Lagos and many other states in Nigeria. It is well known for offering fair prices, superior quality, and exceptional customer service.

All you have to do is hire The Mainland Movers and let them do the work to your satisfaction. They specialize in haulage, home, and office relocation, and truck and car hire across the 36 states of Nigeria. The Mainland Movers also provide moving supplies such as bubble wraps, shrink wraps, and cartons. Their services are open 24 hours.

Suremeal Movers

Price: Starts from N15,000

Address: 28 Adeleke St, Allen 101233, Ikeja

Suremeal Movers is another packing and moving company that offers various packing and moving services. They include loading, unloading, him moving services, office moving services, and haulage transportation.

Suremeal Movers ensure the customers get the best value for their money. Rates are usually optimum and affordable for everyone. The objective of this company is to continually reach the expectations of customers by providing timely and high-quality services.

Suremeal mover is a subsidiary of suremeal Logistics services Limited. Services offered include;

  • Home moving
  • Office Moving
  • Haulage services
  • Truck rental
  • Van rental
  • Delivery services
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Price: Starts from N20,000

Address: 12 Funsho Williams Ave, Oke Ira 101241, Lagos

Kobo360 is a technology-driven logistics company that aggregates end-to-end long-haul trucking operations to help cargo owners, drivers, fleet/truck owners, and cargo recipients achieve an efficient supply chain framework.

It is not limited to offering moving services alone and uses data and technology to select quality trucks of different categories, at any time. Service delivery is guaranteed at Kobo360. The company offers a wide range of services including;

  • Insurance
  • Real-time tracking
  • Truck financing
  • Moving services, etc.


Price: Starts from N55,000

Address: phase 2, 10c Adebayo Munis Cl, Gbagada 102216, Lagos

EasyMovers is also a moving and relocating company which is located in Lagos State. The company’s services are a little bit pricy, but I can assure you that they are worth it. EasyMovers manages a team of professional movers and packers who will not only make your moving and relocation stress-free, but also take pride in making sure the move is done quickly, seamlessly, and effectively.

IAL Nigeria Limited

Price: Starts from N20,000

Address: 16 Burma Rd, Apapa 102272, Lagos

Established over 7 years, IAL Nigeria Limited is also among the best moving companies in Lagos. It offers various services including;

  • In-county moving
  • Inter-county moving
  • Local moving
  • Moving-related packing
  • Moving-related storage
  • Oversized item moving
  • Senior moving
  • Vehicle transport
  • Logistics

Price: Starts from N50,000

Address: 36B Toyin St, Opebi 100271, Ikeja

Whether you are moving across the street, or different regions, MoveMe will be a great option for you. The company has a team of movers with vast experience and trained to arrange a seamless move for your household, business, or office, making the whole process quick and efficient. The overall mission of MoveMe is to make your move stress free for you.

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Price: Starts from N40,000

Address: 12 Hundeyin St, Ogudu 100242, Lagos

For a long time now, Packmyload has helped change the narrative and transform the way people and goods move, one move at a time. The company offers comprehensive home and business relocation as well as interstate and international relocation. It is recognized as one of the best moving services in Lagos, and Nigeria.

The goal of is to exceed the expectations of customers and clients by customizing the moving services to their needs. They also offer re-arranging of furniture, moving, storage, moving boxes, and packing.


Express Movers

Price: Starts from N30,000

Address: Ikeja, 1B Ajayi Rd, 100001, Lagos

Express Movers is one of the best moving companies in Lagos. The company is known to offer affordable home and office Moving services in Lagos. They have a team of movers well trained and experienced to make your relocation easy and stress-free.


Conclusion: Best Moving Companies In Lagos

Aside from recommending the best hotels, hangout spots, destinations, Fastdigi is dedicated to helping you find services in Nigeria without stress. From the above, it could be seen that there are several Moving companies in Lagos state and as described these companies provide the needed labor to move your properties from  one location to the other as a fee.

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