Best Massage Therapists in Lagos

Before we talk about best Massage therapist in Lagos, i just want to ask “Did you know that massage therapy could help relieve you of that reoccurring back pain?” The pain has been around for a long time, and you already think there is no solution. If you have this belief, I have a solution for you.

Massage therapies can do a lot of benefits when done regularly on your body. The process might take a while but trust me; it could be the end to that pain. You might wonder how massage therapy works, which I will explain in the next paragraph.

The process of massage is quite simple. It involves a trained and certified medical professional, usually called a Massage therapist, manipulating soft body tissues, like the muscles, ligaments, tendons, connective tissues, and even the skin.

The Massage therapist works to put everything in order, as it should be. A massage therapist might use different techniques, from degrees of pressure and movement.

Massage therapy has now been integrated with Medicine. There are so many medical centers that have been set up to provide these services to people. The approach to health is used to treat and manage various medical conditions.

In addition, experts have conducted a series of research to learn more about the benefits that Massage Therapy can offer. A few of them include;

  • Stress Relief
  • Reduction of Pain
  • Reduction of Muscle Tension
  • Increased Relaxation
  • Improve Immunity
  • Improve overall health

At various clinics or health centers in Lagos, medical professionals might recommend massage therapy, most especially if you need any of the services listed above.

Furthermore, health practitioners also recommend massage therapy to patients who suffer from health conditions like cancer, heart disease, fibromyalgia, or other stomach problems. The treatment will help them cope with the pain and stress associated with these conditions.

If you have any of these conditions or a medical professional has recommended massage therapy for you or someone you know, you must read this piece carefully.

In this article, I will reveal the Best Massage Therapists in Lagos and how you can reach them. Therefore, you should be residing in Lagos or be ready to travel to Lagos after booking a session.

These therapists are highly rated for their experience and past works. They pay attention to detail, and I can assure you that there is no risk of developing other complications from your therapy.

Spalon Mobile Massage

Address: Nike Art Gallery Rd, Lekki Phase I 105102, Lagos

Spalon Mobile Massage is one of the fastest-growing Massage therapists in Lagos. The company is also regarded as one of the best in this field.

From its name, it is easy to tell that Spalon offers Massage services most conveniently and comfortably. You can choose to have your session at the head office in Lagos, at a hotel, or at your home.

Many Massage therapists do not have these features, making Spalon Mobile Massage outstanding. Imagine calling a therapist to deliver their service in the comfort of your home. That must be so amazing.

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Spalon Mobile Massage offers a wide range of services from Massage to facials and waxing. Most times, guests enjoy all benefits together, depending on their preferences. In addition to all of these, the prices of packages are pretty affordable.

Trust me when I say Spalon Mobile Massage has very good reviews from guests who have visited the facility and enjoyed at least one of the services offered there.

The massage therapists at Spalon Mobile Massage could be one of the most skilled you have ever met. However, the only problem you might face with Spalon is accessing the property in Lagos. The roads can be a little rough, especially when flooded.

There is an alternative. You can simply order the service at your home rather than going to the office in Lagos. They will send representatives over to you.

Ettah Bassey Pro

Address: 11 Ogunlana Dr, Surulere 101283, Lagos

Ettah Bassey Pro is a female-owned Holistic Massage, Intimate Grooming, and Full Body wax practice. If you are looking for that one place where you can get relieved of stress-induced aches, pain, and tension, I recommend Ettah Bassey Pro.

Ettah Bassey is one of the best Massage Therapists in Lagos and can make you feel more beautiful and confident after her services; this has been tested and is trusted.

In a simple context, if you are one of the 90% of Lagosian who are always busy either at offices or on the road, you will need a therapist like Ettah.

With Ettah Bassey’s help, you can feel healed, rejuvenated, and energized after enjoying holistic and professional massage sessions; This can help you quickly achieve your monthly goals without worrying about stress and body aches.

Ettah Bassey Pro offers various services, including facials, full and intimate grooming, and waxing techniques to help you feel quite relaxed than you have ever been.

Women, in particular, could begin to feel more confident and comfortable in their feminine bodies. You no longer have to shy away from responsibilities because of the low self-esteem your body gives you.

However, Ettah Bassey Pro offers services strictly on prepaid appointments. It means that you have to pay for the service before you receive it. You can either request it in your home, hotel, or at the therapist’s location.

Massage Therapist Home Service

Address: 415 George Crescent, Agbalajobi Estate, Wemco Rd, Aguda 100218, Lagos

I wouldn’t even want to skip or exclude Massage Therapist Home Service from this list. The massage company is quite famous for having some of the best massage packages around. It is rated among the best massage therapists in Lagos.

Massage Therapist brings executive home service massage therapies to clients in the comfort of their homes or hotel rooms. You don’t need to visit the office. All you have to do is make your booking via the website or over the phone.

Massage Therapist covers the most areas in Lagos compared to other therapists around. Areas covered include Banana Island, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Victoria Garden City, Ajah, Ikeja, Lekki, and Surulere.

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If you need an excellent and reliable massage to get you relaxed and unwind in the comfort of your home, Massage Therapist Home Service will be a good option for you.

Masseuses and other staff at Massage Therapist are friendly and skilled enough to work on your body. If you want the company to customize your therapy to suit your preferences, you can inform them to do so.

Massage Therapist has a primary focus, which is to deliver quality home massage therapies to clients around Lagos. The company makes sure you are pampered and feel like the royalty you are. Massage Therapist Home Service also fakes extra steps to protect clients’ properties and identities.

However, the only issue you might have with Massage Therapist is the price of services. I will not say it is not affordable, but at least for many people, it is not. This is why the company mainly covers the affluent areas of the state.

Bridgefield Massage | Lekki Spa | Massage Therapists

Address: 98 Omorinre Johnson Street, Off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1 930283, Lagos

Trust me when I say Bridgefield is one of the best massage therapists in Lagos. The fun fact is you will always get the service you desire in the end. Bridgefield Massage Spa is a massage-centric relaxation and pain relief center.

The company has therapists who are thoroughly trained and experienced to ensure that you enjoy peace and tranquility while in session. Do you need a place to relax while also listening to soothing music? Visit Bridgefield Massage spa today.

Massage Sessions have been specially designed with ideal timing and pressures to ensure you, as the client, achieve the required mind-body harmony. What more could you ask of a Massage therapist?

If you have been having issues with other therapists whose sessions do not bring the expected results, you should try out Bridgefield Massage Spa and get the kind of dedication needed to achieve desired results.

Bridgefield Massage is located along Admiralty Way on Lagos Island. You just need to drive through Lekki Phase 1 main gate and link Nellies, which is on the right of the road, before you get to Bowen College.

Slow down after Bowen College and keep looking to your right. As you keep looking, you will find the Mike Adegbite Avenue junction. The office is located in the second building after the junction.

In addition, guests can choose if they want the services of a Male or female massage therapist. The benefits are also quite affordable, trust me.

Sweet Brook Massage Spa

Address: 26 Ezekiel Street, Off Toyin Str, 300001, Ikeja

Sweet Brook Massage Spa is located in, but not limited to, Ikeja. This influential Massage Therapist is well known for offering a variety of services and is most famous for deep tissue massage.

The Deep Tissue Massage involves using a deeper pressure to ease pains and aches in the muscles. The massage therapist in charge of this process must be an expert, and trust me; Sweet Brook is made of professionals in the field.

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After this massage, you might notice some soreness on your body; this is absolutely normal and does not have any side effects. You can also ask the therapist to reduce the pressure they use during the massage session.

Another popular massage at Sweet Brook Massage spa is the Swedish Massage. Generally, Swedish Massage is used for relieving your body of stress. If you are a Lagos worker, who goes through a lot of daily stress, you should find a time for this at the spa.

However, unlike the Deep Tissue massage, the pressure applied during the Swedish Massage is lower. Therefore, there are fewer chances of sores developing on the massaged areas of your body. Other massage services include reflexology and aromatherapy.

In addition, you can request a home service massage day and a home service massage night at Sweet Brook Massage Spa. For the home service massage day, the Spa sends a therapist(s) to your home, office, or hotel, wherever you may be at.

However, it is recognized as home service massage day if you book between morning and 9 PM. Bookings from 9 PM are no longer massage day; they will be charged as Home Service Massage Night.

The price for Home Service massage day is relatively less than that of Home Service Massage night. They are also affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is an Average Spa Session in Lagos?

Prices of massage packages differ with respect to location and company. Most therapists in Lagos charge higher than others will charge. I will say this is because Lagos is known to house many affluent individuals.

An average spa session should cost around twenty thousand naira. However, this is the average price for a day session; night sessions cost higher. Also, if you want a mobile spa service, it will definitely cost more than the price mentioned.

Can I request a Spa Session in my home?

Yes, you can. However, it depends on the massage therapist you want to book. Not all massage therapists in Lagos offer home services. Only a few of the many in Lagos do that.

In the list above, I have outlined some of the best Massage therapists who also offer home spa sessions to clients. You can do well to check again.

Conclusion: Best Massage Therapist in Lagos City

The list above includes the best massage therapists in Lagos. If you have no idea of therapists with commendable legacies and services, please do yourself a favor to check the list out.

In addition, the spa sessions are pretty affordable, so you don’t need to break the bank to book a session. Most of these therapists require that you pay ahead of your session. Please check their websites for further information.

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