Best Hangout Spots in Port Harcourt

Once in a while, we should take a break from work and spend time at a lovely and entertaining spot. You could do this alone or bring friends and family with you; Whichever way is acceptable to you. This is why you may be surprised when a stranger walks to you someday and say “Hi there, we’re coming to your area within the week, just looking for a good Hangout Spots in Port Harcourt”

If you reside in Port Harcourt or want to spend some time in Port Harcourt, I believe it would interest you to know some of the Best Hangout Spots in Port Harcourt. There are so many of them in the urban city of Rivers State, but just a few might have what you need.

Which are Best Hangout Spots in Port Harcourt?

Port Harcourt is an Oil city with a lot of attractions, it is one of the cities in the oil rich Niger Delta, also stands as one of the most popular cities in Nigeria

So, let me take you on a ride as we explore some of the best Hangout spots in Port Harcourt and the unique services you will enjoy when you visit.


Wood House Cafe

Address: 3 Louis drive, off Sani Abacha Road, Port Harcourt

Offering a serene environment and rustic decor with soft filtered music, Wood House Cafe will be one of the best places to relax your mind. The menu includes mouthwatering continental dishes – And yes, you should try out the Spaghetti Carbonara anytime you visit.

All foods and drinks at Wood House are moderately priced, so you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank. It is a great place for dates, team bonding, hookups, etc. You can keep yourself busy with board games. Guests have also praised the staff.

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South 66

Address: Phase 2, 66 Evo Road, GRA 500272, Port Harcourt

South 66 is also one of the best hangout spots in Port Harcourt. It is located in a Government Reserved Area, and the interior has such a beautiful ambiance to refresh the soul. The audio quality at South 66 is top-notch – Great for music lovers.

Unique dishes to try out at these fantastic hangout spots include chicken wings, special fried rice, chicken meatballs, and steak, to mention a few. I bet you will love it. However, the pricing is entirely on the high side for an average traveler – but the services are worth it. Guests have also praised the staff as welcoming and friendly.


Asia Town (Port Harcourt)

Address: 38 Forces Ave, Old GRA 500101, Port Harcourt

If you are the type that’s quite interested in Asian meals and Pan-Asian dishes, you might want to try out Asia Town, Port Harcourt. Asia Town is a high-class modern restaurant and event center in the city.

The spot is ideal for lunch dates, dinners, after-work meetings, chilling out, etc. You are just going to love it. You enjoy a revolutionary fine dining experience in a unique atmosphere inspired by the Asian culture. There is also a show-stopping setting that can accommodate up to 500 guests.

Beer Barn

Address: 76 Evo Road, Rivers 500272, Port Harcourt

Beer Barn is also one of the best places to hangout in Port Harcourt. It features a clubhouse where guests can entertain themselves with great music and play snooker. The place also has an incredible ambiance for first-time guests.

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The menu includes Beer, Oreo milkshakes, Chicken Drumsticks, etc., and all menu items come with affordable prices, not as expensive as other great hangout spots in the city. You will love it if you visit Beer Barn for the weekend.


Native Tray GRA PHC

Address: 1 Onne Road, Elechi 500101, Port Harcourt

Native Tray is one of the best hangout spots in Port Harcourt to enjoy tasty African Meals. The mini restaurant features a super ambiance and offers guests great music to relax the mind.


Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

Address: R2Q6+7X9 Peace Park, Between Army Bori Camp and Airforce base junction, City Centre, Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt Pleasure Park is one of the most popular hangout spots and recreational centers in Port Harcourt. It is located along Aba Road and sited on expansive open land.

You get to enjoy a variety of amenities at PH Pleasure Park, including mini-golf fields, mini soccer fields, playgrounds for different age categories, pedal boats, a climbing tower, paintball, shooting range, fitness equipment, jogging areas, restaurants, and shopping malls – All in one place. You should be here!

Other amenities and facilities include a 5-star Cinema and a Virtual Reality Games center where you can play games like PS3, PS4, PS5, FIFA, GTA, etc.


The Boss Lounge Port Harcourt

Address: phase 2, 86 Woji Road, GRA 500271, Port Harcourt

The Boss Lounge is one of the cool places to hang out with friends and relax in Port Harcourt. It features two bars; an indoor and an outdoor bar, a swimming pool with free access on specified days, a snooker table, karaoke, etc.

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Prices of menu items and drinks are pretty affordable for an average person. You will love the delicacies on the menu, especially the Tasty Fresh Fish Pepper soup.


De Office Bar

Address: Phase 2, 8 Tombia Street Rivers G.R.A

De Office Bar is one of the few lounges in Port Harcourt featuring a karaoke facility. It is a perfect spot for groups or couples to hang out. Guests have also praised the BBQ Fish and Peppered chicken at De Office Bar.


Higi Hagga

Address: 238 Iyowuna Drive & Off, Peter Odili Rd, Rainbow Town, Port Harcourt

If you wish to take your family out one of these days in Port Harcourt, you should try out Higi Hagga; it is excellent for a family outing. Also, the property is easily accessible from all parts of Port Harcourt – it is very close to the Market square.

Higi Hagga features a well-equipped bar with the latest drinks, a canteen, and a natural fruit juice service area if you love yours fresh. There is also a live band to refresh your soul with good music.


Sok Lounge, Nightclub

Address: No 99 Woji Road, New GRA 500101, Port Harcourt

Sok Lounge, Nightclub, and Restaurant is also among the best hangout spots in Port Harcourt. The property has a lovely and secure setting with a superb ambiance. It is a beautiful place to relax.

The lounge also has a live band and DJ set to entertain guests. You can try out some menu specials like the Grilled Chicken, Roasted fish, barbecued fish, etc.


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