How to Rent a Car in Abuja

Rent a car in Abuja

Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, is among the most popular tourist destinations in the country. During a visit, you will be thinking about new experiences, which may lead you to opt to get in a cab as soon as you land or to consider using buses to travel about. We describe these possibilities as stressful … Read more

These are Airport Jobs for SSCE Holders

airport JObs

Contrary to the opinion of many, there are many places you can work as an SSCE holder. Although you might not be able to secure standard and more official jobs like people with higher qualifications, you can still have access to well-paying jobs in different parts of the country. So we’re sharing a list of … Read more

Best Supermarket Jobs in Port Harcourt

supermarket Worker, a lady

Are you interested in working at a supermarket in Port Harcourt? If yes, you should carefully read this article on the best supermarket jobs in Port Harcourt. The city is known as home to some of the biggest supermarkets in the country, just like Lagos, Abuja, and many other cities. Since there are so many … Read more

Four Cousins Red Wine Price In Nigeria

four cousins red wine price in nigeria

No Party is ever complete without Four Cousins on the table. The name “Four Cousins” is coined from the fact that there are four varieties of the brand. You can have a Four Cousins Cooler, Cream, Whisky, or Wine. There is a drink to honor and celebrate every occasion and satisfy every palate, Four cousins … Read more